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Roadmap of lockdown lifting in Greece: May 4 – begin of July, 2020 (UPD)

Greece ‘s  Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Tuesday afternoon the roadmap according to which the lockdown will be gradually lifted. Starting on May 4 government plans extend over a period of 45 days, that is until beginning of July.

“We were confronted with an invisible and sneaky enemy, we took unprecedented measures, the economy paralyzed, we stayed away from those we love and from the churches,” Mitsotakis said.

Thanking the frontline health workers who fought against the COVID-19 and the citizens who complied with the restrictions, he said that today, the public hospitals are enhanced with more personnel.

He underlined that the number of COVID-19 patients in the hospitals and the Intensive Care Units is constantly decreasing.

Surveillance of the impact of the lockdown lifting will be on 24-hour basis, Mitsotakis stressed.

The roadmap is based on the assumption that everything will go well, the citizens will continue to comply with keeping safety distance and hygiene measures, they will avoid crowding and there will be no resurgence of the coronavirus.

Authorities have warned that restrictions will be reimposed locally or on broader regions should the number of infections will rise again.

Restriction measures were first imposed on March 6 with the closure of the schools, businesses were shut down in groups, while citizens were allowed to leave their homes only with “movement permits” since March 23.

Restrictions including movement permits remain in force until May 4.

The gradual lifting of the lockdown has 7 stages and is initially published for May 4, 11 and 18. The plan for June will be announced on May 18 after thorough evaluation of the impact on the health of the general population.

May 4, 2020

First thing to be lifted is the obligation of holding movement permits via sms or handwritten papers.

Allowed is movement within the prefecture of main residence; exception no traveling between islands of the same prefecture except for essential purchases, doctors’ visit.

Allowed in exercise outdoors and at the beaches. Organized beaches will open at a later point.

Recommendation: public gatherings of no more than 10 people

Opening of small shops, hairdressers, barbershops, beauty parlors.

Book- and Paper-article stores, sports stores.

Consumer goods and electric appliance stores,

Garden and flower shops, optics shops

Clothes and Shoes repairs

Churches but only for individual prayer, no more than 10 people.

Car-certificate stations (KTEO)

Public hospitals open again for tactical surgeries and external patients.

No car restrictions inside Athens (daktylios) for the month of May.

A private car driver will be allowed two passengers per car, instead of the current two that include the driver. Limit to one passenger per taxi remains.

Allowed on vehicles driver and 2 passengers

Traffic restrictions from one prefecture to another will remain in force.

May 11

Students of the 3rd Lyceum grade will return to classes. Other Lyceum and High School classes will open on May 18.  Official announcements about the schools are scheduled on Wednesday, April 29, by Education Minister Niki Kerameos.

Tutorial schools (frontistiria) for 3rd. Lyceum classes

Other other retail stores, except for shopping malls.

Driving schools

Gambling facilities (OPAP)

May 17

Churches open to the public, the faithful are allowed to attend religious services under strict rules.

May 18

Zoo and botanical gardens

Archaeological sites

Lyceum 1st and 2nd grade, High School 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade

Tutorial schools for secondary education, foreign language schools (recommended e-learning)

Possible total lifting of traveling restrictions within the country depending on the course of the pandemic. If implemented, people may travel to prefectures other than the within the one where the residence is.

Travel restrictions*  may be in force for traveling to the islands; only permanent residents can travel to the islands.

June 1

Shopping malls and department stores

Cafes, bars, restaurants will allow to have customers in outdoors space.

Hotels of 12-month operation

Remaining justice facilities, courts

See below the lockdown easing May 4-18, 2020 as posted by the official government website

Below is a rough schedule of the restrictions lifting as posted before Mitsotakis announcement by the media and this includes also the “travel restrictions* to  countryside and the islands.).

Beginning of June

Entertainment and sports venues (cinemas, theaters, entertainment centers, gyms, etc.)

Restoration of the domestic flights

Primary schools and possibly also kindergartens and daycare centers.

mid- June June 15

Hotels that are usually open all year, seasonal tourist accommodation.

Opening of organized beaches

Restoration of sea traffic to the islands

Group sports

Hotel units on islands and areas where there is insufficient health infrastructure, are expected to open in late June and early July and once the issue of air transport has been resolved.

End June

Restoration of international flights

Restart of Super League

Beginning of July

Opening of seasonal tourist accommodation facilities

It is noted that the labor rallies and events on May Day will take place on May 9, as movement restrictions are still in force eon May 1.

The Prime Minister said that large gatherings like in concerts and sports events are unlikely this summer.

Following Mitsotakis’ address to the nation, several ministers will brief the public in detail about the roadmap for lockdown lifting.

More details will be posted on KTG website on Wednesday.

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  1. if I live in the USA will I be able to travel to Mykonos in September? It’s my birthday and I always celebrate on Mýkonos!

  2. Kalimera. I am a bit confused … The lock-down-rules mentions, that fishing and swiming is not allowed. BUT, I am allowed do to psysical excersice on the beach from May Can I go swimming from Monday and call it psysical excersice??

  3. Thank you for information .
    We currently live in France , 4 monthes a year and Ermioni 8 monthes from April to nevember .
    We are lockdowned in our appartmen and look to drive to our house , to ease our lockdown .
    SUPERFAST ferry lines says that it will be autorized by May 10 th .
    Could you confirm ?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      nothing official yet on ferries, do follow instructions by companies.

    • Since outdoor exercise and groups of up to 10 in public places are allowed from 4th May, does this imply that tennis is allowed? Singles could hardly be called a group sport, though doubles might.

      • Very informative reading Kalley Mera Kalllo Mina Kalllo Kalllo Kerry from Thailand GTP…..All will be well soon…. must return to my mana Elllada soon…❣️👏👏👏 Terrific editorials and journalism 💜

  4. I booked a trip 29th of may until 7th of june (by aircraft) to Greece from the Netherlands. Following the roadmap above there will be no strict restrictions by the time I am going there. Am I missing something?

  5. Hi, my husband and I were thinking of hiring a taxi to take us from Athens to Schinias. But as far as I see the taxis can only carry one passenger. What about bigger taxis? Is there any offical info about that?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. We was due to stay on Andros from June 13th, as the Island is at present not allowed tourist till July the first, they have said they will hold our deposit for 18 months. Can we make them pay it back as we don’t know when it will be completely safe to go.

  7. Any news/ dates when flights between Greece and Cyprus will start