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Greece is considering to reopen cafes, restaurants, shopping malls earlier

The Greek government is considering to allow cafes, bars and restaurants as well as shopping malls to open again yet earlier than originally planned on June 1. Just one day after the start of the gradual lockdown lifting on Monday, May 4,  the deputy Development Minister revealed that there is a discussion about the earlier reopening of the catering sector.

Speaking to Mega TV on Tuesday morning, Deputy Development Minister Nikos Papathanasis said  that there was a discussion underway on whether the catering sector and shopping centers might open earlier.

He added that it is also under consideration whether to allow the catering sector to have customers also indoors. The original planning allows cafes, bars and restaurants to open only their outdoors areas.

“Public health has a primary role and value, so we need to evaluate the first step taken yesterday, then the second step that will start on May 11, and then the experts will decide if we can open them earlier,” the deputy minister said.

The final decisions for the cafes, restaurants and bars will be taken after May 18, the minister added.

Papathanasis noted at the same time, that the government is seeking ways so that restaurants regain the capacity they had before the pandemic. Health safety rules require a distance of 2 meters between the tables and no more than 4 customers at a table.

The Minister said that there are discussions underway with municipalities so that restaurants are allowed to occupy more square meters on public spaces and sidewalks with no extra charge.

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  1. What about the roughly 1 million Greeks currently held hostage on Islands right now? It seems like the gov is happy to block their free movement at the extreme risk to their businesses and mental health(and block mainlanders from access to their multitude if property and business activity there. Yet somehow in all the posted material there just isn’t a clear date for free movement of Greeks domestically and some rumours that they will not get clearance without special permissions before june 29!!! Your effort to pursue the facts about that is appreciated.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      domestic movement restrictions are to be lifted on May 18. To islands may take what one week? June 29? Never heard about it.

  2. Is it mandatory to wear a mask when entering a retail shop? Our shops say it’s only for the large supermarkets?

  3. Vasillis “what about the roughly 1 million Greeks currently held hostage on the islands right now?”
    – We all feel lucky and safe to be here and, whilst you are entitled to disagree with the government about business restrictions, we would all prefer to accept the restrictions than have to attend your funeral together with those of our families and friends.

  4. High Yield Consultant

    Graham Fox … Vasillis has a reasonable thought process … my wife and I normally travel a great deal and learned precautions that are being mandated now years ago … wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds, use hand sanitizer, don’t shake hands … there is much expert debate on the valid effectiveness of masks since air particles smaller than can be stopped by a mask can infect a person wearing a mask … most importantly, never mentioned in your one sided point of view, is the statistical improbability of death from COVID19, even without doing any of the above precautions … that probability from is only a chance of 1.4 per 100,000 … There will always be something that can infect us and a prudent person should always be careful but it is time to reduce restrictions on the citizenry.

  5. Can you claim 40%discount for renting a property or is it just for business ?