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Amber Alert: 10-year-old girl missing in Thessaloniki, possible abduction

10-year-old girl Markella Verami went missing on Thursday after she left school in Kato Toumpa, Thessaloniki, northern Greece. A school mate and eyewitness told police that the girl was taken by a woman and pushed into a car. A possible case of abduction that has set police and local authorities on alert, a big search operation was launched.

Police, firefighter, boy-scouts, Red Cross rescuers and volunteering citizens have been searching in the broader area also during the night for Markella Verami, local media report. Her parents were at the police station anticipating for good news. However, there has been no sign of the girl by 11:30 am Friday.

The girl was leaving school for home at 13:30 on Thursday, when she was called by her first name by a woman, the class mate reportedly told police. The woman took the girl by the hand and pushed her into a car, the pupil added. He would give a description of the woman as a red-haired around her 30’s “with something weird on her face.” Another classmate gave the same description.

According to latest information by local media, the woman told the girl that she wanted to give her something for her mother. This clue strengthens the suspicion of abduction.

The girl’s home is just 200 meter away from the elementary school.

Authorities have issued an Amber Alert for missing children.

According to the description, Markella Verami is 1,50 meters tall and weighs 46 kilos.

At the time she went missing, she was wearing black leggings, a brown-T-shirt with short leaves and black shoes. She was carrying a light blue school backpack with flowers.

After the girl was found authorities asked the removal of the pictures of the girl or with blurred face.

Authorities call on anyone who could help investigation to call either the police – phone number <100> – or the missing children hotline <116000>.

UPDATE: The girl was found on Saturday morning – Indications that she was abducted. More read here.

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  1. I have prayed fot this little girl at Knock shrine in Ireland for her to be found as quickly as possible god bless her