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Chief of Staff warns Turkey “whoever messes with Greece will pay a high cost”

“Whoever dares to mess with Greece will pay a very high cost,” Chief of General Staff Konstantinos Floros said on Friday with a very clear warning to Turkey. “Whoever steps on Greek ground, we will first burn him, then we’ll ask who is.”

“The neighbors know it,” General Floros told reporters as Turkey has increased its provocations and claims towards Greece.

The warnings came the day Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu presented maps that had the island of Kastelorizo in the south-eastern Aegean Sea disappear.

“Erdogan does what he says and we do what we say,” Floros said.

The Chief of Staff stressed “We know exactly what we will do at Evros, the islands and the open sea.”

sources: skai, anatropi

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  1. I fully support the Chief of Staff. Enough is enough! & One day is one day!

  2. Pathetic blustering. Does anyone really think that Turkey is afraid of Greece?

    • Nope, but Turkey can´t afford a conflict against a modern state which by the way is member in nearly every union worldwide.

    • Athan Kalpakiotis

      Like we’re worried about an ex Brit patsy. Bring it on mate!

    • I hope Turkey does start something…
      The Kurds, The Armenians are all waiting for the opportunity to carve up Turkey.
      Ergon will go like all Tyrants of the region ..strung up and hung !

  3. Do yo think Greece scared of Turkey?

    • My point, dotards, is that this was propaganda for a Greek audience. Greece is no match for Turkey, and needs the support of the EU and (maybe) NATO — although the latter looks too difficult to happen. And if Greece is not scared of Turkey, it has failed to learn from its own history.

      • I am sorry you present such a barbaric opinion , propaganda in claiming that Greeve will defend its rights… well that’s a real stupid statement no matter the size of a sovereign state. Obviously you have no idea that a full blown war lasting more than few days is not even possible so the size of Turkey will not help that much …we dont undeestimate Turkey we Greeks don’t bow either…. Turkey has no real friends, period. So stop crying why Greece has every little help when it really counts.

  4. Doent matter whether Turkey is afraid or not Greece will defend her sovereignty. When that line is crossed.

  5. Fear is for the cowards.
    The Greeks hold onto Pride & Bravery.
    What is it that you know about your own shameful history, in the first place? What did you learn from the Greek history? Go on tell us!

    • What did I learn from Greek history? OK.
      (1) That silly nationalism doesn’t win wars: it needs real military power, military strategy and allies that help you.
      (2) That when things went badly wrong in 1922 Smyrna, the Greek state did nothing to evacuate Greeks and it was left to a shipping owner to rescue his fellow Greeks. The Greek state was useless then as now.
      (3) With the exchange of populations 1922 and subsequently, the Greek refugees were hated and treated like shit by the Greeks in Greece. There was no pride or bravery: just selfish and ignorant behaviour.
      (4) Conclusion? That Greek anti-Turkish rhetoric is just shouting loudly, nothing else. It has no substance and Greece has never won any war with Turkey.

      • Greece has always defended itself and was true to its allies.It beat the Italians and fought bravely against the Germans.It gave the British enough time to escape to north Africa.You only survived because the aAmericans helped you.It fought bravely in Crete after you lot buggered off.Without the yanks you would have lost both times against the Germans.Rule Britannia would have been torpedoed already 100 years ago.