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Thousands evacuated as fire rages by Corinth; 111 forest fires in two days

4,000 people from settlements and 800 children’s summer camps have been evacuated due to the forest fire in Kehries by Corinth that has been raging since Wednesday noon burning the wonderful pine forest of the area, agricultural land, houses and animals.

Images from hell in Athikia

Media report that 10 houses have been burned down.

Dozens of firefighters with the support of aerial means have been battling against the blaze in an uneven battle due to powerful winds.

Firefighters operating in Loutra Oraias Elenis narrowly escaped death when their truck caught fire and was completely destroyed.

The fire broke out Wednesday noon very close to a military camp and spread quickly due to the winds.

24 hours later and the fire front extends to 30 km.

“There are indications for arson,” Mayor of Corinth, Vassilis Nanopoulos told local media korinthos tv adding that he has asked the military camp administration to hand over footage from security cameras. .

“Residents have complained to me that there are significant signs of arson and I do not rule out the fact that the security cameras in the camp in the area have recorded data, which may prove useful in the context of investigations,” Nanopoulos said.

Thursday morning, two fires broke out in the nearby resort of Loutraki.

The fires were taken under control.

Wild- and forest fires in summer are a plague in Greece.

On Tuesday, 746 fire fighters across the country were deployed to combat a total of 57 forest fires and another 54 on Wednesday.

Greece Civil Protection has issued warning for areas in very high risk of forest and wildfires for Friday, Juyl 23, 2020.

At very high risk – marked orange – are the regions of Attica, Viotia, Evia, Corinth, Argolida and the islan dof Lesvos.

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  1. now, if it were to happen that shortly after this horrific fire, we see ‘permits’ issued to allow corporations to plant more of these subsidy-farming machines on our mountaintops , or some resort hotel in a protected area, we will know who set them. of course this corrupt government will never even seek to investigate but we will know who was responsible.

    • Yeah agree – it’s typical Greece. They did the same on Elafonisos last year and will build a resort where they burned there.

      Here I was wondering what they want on the mountains but to your point, the farming machines. No one ever gets prosecuted for these fires. Good luck getting a hold of that video.