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Greek and Turkish officials to meet in Ankara for talks, says Turkish MoD

Turkish and Greek officials will meet in the capital Ankara in the coming days to address issues that have led to rising tensions, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Friday morning.

“We try to solve problems with these [kinds of] meetings. Our work continues in this direction,” Akar said. Accompanied by the leadership of the Turkish Armed forces, Akar inspected the borders of Turkey to Greece and Bulgaria.

A day earlier, Akar said that Ankara informed its Greek interlocutors that it was ready for the 4. meeting of the delegations of the two countries in Ankara, in the context of the contacts on the Confidence Building Measures that have been halted since 2016.

However, he reiterated Ankara’s firm position that it is Turkey’s right to conduct research in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

So far, Athens has officially neither confirmed nor dismissed Akar’s announcement on an upcoming meeting.

On Thursday, Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas stressed the importance of open communication channels with Turkey, especially amid rising tensions, referring to the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Talks on Confidence Building Measures between Athens and Ankara have been going on for years, however, they have not come to any point of agreement as the only issue for Athens is the delimitation of the continental shelf, while Ankara goes to the table with an endless list of demands.

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