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Greece corrects Joint Statement with US, describing Prespes Agreement as “historic”

Greece has removed the word “historic” from the description of the Prespes Agreement as it was originally formulated in the joint statement released by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The removal of the word “historic” came after newspaper Avgi – affiliated with SYRIZA – noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially confessed that the “historic Prespes Agreement” justified the foreign policy of SYRIZA government in 2019.

SYRIZA issued a press release saying ” we are glad the Mitsotakis government describes the Prespes Agreement as historic.”

It must have a “historically” embarrassment moment for the conservative government and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis who bet his elections cards in opposing the Prespes Agreement.

Once exposed, the Greek Foreign Ministry quickly eliminated the word “historic” and the specific term disappeared also from the website of the US Embassy in Athens, avgi notes.

According to diplomatic sources, the term “historic” was noted by accident, Alpha TV reported.

The unprecedented thus historic correction of official statement after they went public has already traveled beyond the borders of Greece.

PS the same accidents happen to me also with typos and that bloody auto-correct.

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One comment

  1. The US was tripping over their feet for Greece to give up its historic name so that it could add this North Macedonia to NATO (when combined with Cyprus could rival Turkey geostrategic NATO radar installations)

    And what better time that with an inexperienced Socialist PM like Tsipras who measures his success by constant capitulation to voting “present” today against his nation.

    They got the name, they got Souda, and not a word about an aggressive neighbor with intolerable provocations who is pals with a president weo extorts or betrays America allies. He is even an enemy to Americans who are dying from COVID by the thousands for Trump’s self intrest, a pal of Erdogan. Greece and America have never been closer huh?