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Citizen Protection Minister sees “150 molotov cocktail” even if not one around…(videos)

Opposition parties SYRIZa and MeRA 25 are at war of words with the Ministry of Civil Protection that justified the firing of tear gas against people waiting for the verdict of neo-nazi Golden Dawn outside the Appeals court on Wednesday. In a tweet Civil Protection Minister, Michalis Chysochoidis stated that “600 people hurled 150 Molotov Cocktail bombs, stones and other items and damaged 10 police cars.”

He wrote further that “police used water cannons to repel the attack and when this measure did not work, tear gas was fired.” And ultimately, that police continued throwing water at the people, with the noble aim “in order to reduce the effects of the chemicals on the gathered crowd that was leaving.”

Apparently the Minister, who was not even at the spot, was the only one who saw the “150 fire bombs.” Everybody else saw the police water cannon throwing water to the cheering crowd right after the announcement of the verdict.

But the Minister is possibly not aware that nowadays people shoot footage and post it live on social media.

Even media close to the government posted several document-videos saying that Chrysochoidis’ claims have no evidence.

Indeed, as media notes “the tear gas was fired first, then the water cannon was used.”

The incident occurred just a few minutes after the verdict was announced and the crowd cheered.

As if this was not enough and without any provocation on th epart of the protesters, police went with batons against a group of people trying to protect themselves from the tear gas.

SYRIZA and MeRA25 accused the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Protection that the police forces broke apart a completely democratic and peaceful protest and responded with a disproportionate show of force due to some provocateurs.

Left without any other convincing justification, Minister Chrysochoidis announced today that “New Democracy has fired much less tear gas in the 14 months in power than the SYRIZA government in the first 7 months of 2019.” The Minister accused his critics that they “cannot stand a serious, democratic police,” and stated also “we work so that we will not need to fire tear gas in the near future.”

PS This kindergarten argumentation reminds me of the times we were competing in summer months about the number of eaten ice creams and swims. We usually stopped this silly competition at the age of 7 or 8.

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