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Greece considers to accelerate increase of military service

It looks as if tension with Turkey accelerates the decision of the Greek government decision to increase the military service to suggested 12 months from currently 9 months. Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos spoke about the impending increase on Sunday.

“The political and military leadership are strong and determined to protect the rights and sovereignty of Greece,” the Minister said adding that the increased military service in combination with the recruitment of professional officers and the increase of students in the productive schools will significantly strengthen the Armed Forces.

According to media information, the General Staff is expected to submit the relevant suggestions for the military service increase in the next days.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had spoke about the issue in September and said that the increase would not go beyond 12 months.

There are thoughts for compulsory conscription at 18 and he stressed the need for new recruits to develop skills that will be useful to them in their life after the army.

Last month the Prime Minister had said that the issues owuld be put on public debate first, but Panagiotopoulosd statements on Sunday were understood by the media as a clear singal about the military service increase.

According to media information, the increase will affect the Land Forces and could go into force in January or March 2021.

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