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Thousands checks on first curfew night in Athens, fines to bar owners, customers

One the first night of the curfew in Greece authorities conducted thousands of control checks and fines fell like raindrops on the heads – better say: the pockets – of those who violated the measure and entertained themselves in bars and other facilities like every other Saturday night before the coronavirus pandemic.

26,521 control checks were carried out in Attica alone, a region, home for almost 5 million people, while the number of inspection checks across the country reached 49,745.

Violations referred to the measure of the non-use of masks which in mandatory in- and outdoors in 18 regional units and the night curfew from 0:30 until 5:00 a.m.

In a entertainment facility in Liosa suburb of western Athens, control authorities located 146 customers in a bar that ought to be closed. 150 euro fines were imposed to each one of the customers, plus 5,000 to the bar owner plus a 3-day operation suspension. The manager was arrested.

In another in Peristeri, also in western Athens, the first control check took place just 5 minutes after the midnight when all catering facilities should be closed. The bar was still open.; a 5,000-euro-fine was imposed and the operation was suspended for 3 days. A second control check at 01:40 am showed that the bar had opened despite the first fine and 108 customers were allowed inside through the back door. Each customer was fined with 150 euros, the fine for the owner was again 5,000, the suspension increased to 20 days.

Other inspections in Piraeus and other Athens suburbs found several bars and coffee bars operating beyond the scheduled hours.

There were 543 violations of the new measures in Attica on Saturday night.

According to data published by Greek Police, 520 violations of the night curfew by individuals were recorded on Sautday night and 150-euro-fines were imposed:

411 in Attica, 49 in Thessaloniki, 18 in Western Macedonia, 12 in Thessaly, 12 in Crete, 5 in Western Greece, 3 in the Ionian Islands, 3 in Epirus, 3 in the North Aegean, 2 in Central Macedonia and 2 in the South Aegean.

25 violations and 5 arrests for violating facilities operations.overcrowded facilities were recorded: 3 in Epirus, 2 in Central Greece and each 1 in Peloponnese, South Aegean and Thessaly.

6 operation violations of facilities after midnight, a fine of 10,000 euros and a 3-day suspension of operation: 3 in Attica and each 1 in Peloponnese, Western Greece and the North Aegean.

786 violations for the non-use of mask/non-observance of social distancing and fines of 150 euros were imposed:: 132 in Attica, 127 in Thessaloniki, 96 in Central Greece, 67 in Central Macedonia, 62 in the North Aegean, 62 in Thessaly, 53 in Crete, 46 in Western Greece, 40 in the Ionian Islands, 31 in Epirus, 26 in Peloponnese, 21 in Western Macedonia, 18 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and 5 in the South Aegean.

According to Greek Police, the inspections continue with undiminished intensity for the protection of public health.

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  1. High Yield Consultant

    It is unfortunate that these severe enforcement penalties must be initiated but they are absolutely necessary when the conduct of the patrons is this reckless.

    This type of enforcement is the reason Greece’s infection rate is much lower than other countries, particularly the USA, France, UK, etc.etc.