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Greece’s public sector unions launch a 24h strike demanding “effective health measures”

The Federation of Public Sector unions ADEDY has called a nationwide 24-hour strike on November 26, 2020, demanding among others, effective measures to protect employee’s health in work places and mass hiring in the health and welfare sectors.

According to ADEDY announcement, the union’s demands are:

– Effective measures to protect the health of employees in work places and schools
– Mass hirings in the health and welfare sector with integration in the state’s planning and no outsourcing of services
– Decongestion of public transport by hiring more staff and requisitioning thousands of private coaches that are currently idle
– Salary increases and restoration of the 13th and 14th salary
– Abstention from any electronic ‘pseudo-voting” throughout the public sector for the service councils and extension to the terms of the service councils

ADEDY is also demand the immediate withdrawal of a draft law on collective and union activity “which effectively forbids strike action.

It is not clear that the private sector unions will join the strike, given the fact that the majority of business activities are suspended due to lockdown.

However, the union of engineers at commercial ships PEMEN has declared that will join the 24-hour strike on Nov 26. This means that ferries and ships will remain docked.

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One comment

  1. Okay, they have some points that are reasonable as extra health care staff, extra busses and withdrawal of a law that prohibits strikes.
    But be realistic, staff in the public sector is very safe, if they show up at all. And a 13th and 14th month salary? With a contraction of the economy of 10% a decrease of 10% in wages and pensions should be considered. Just as all private workers and self employed are hit hard by the Corona virus.