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Covid-19 outbreak in 11 mink farms in northern Greece

Αlarm in western Macedonia after Covid-19 outbreak in eleven mink farms, while three more are in suspicion to have infected animals. The farms, several of them with a large number of animals, are located in the regional units of Kastoria and Grevena.

In Kastoria, animals positive to the virus have been identified in four farms; two of them have a large number of animals that are asymptomatic.

Infections have also been detected in farms in Grevena where also three farms are under suspicion after the owners were confirmed positive to Covid-19.

Tελεωελ ςορκερσ ατthe confirmation of the initial fears. Fears of rapid spread of the disease. Consecutive employee tests…

Eleven are the positive fur farms in Western Macedonia and three are suspected of COVID-19 with the situation being critical. Apart from the first one in Boio that was followed by the killing of 1,800 animals, five more in Siatista and Galatini count infected animals.

In P.E. Kastoria four breeding units are positive, two of which with a large number of animals, but which are asymptomatic. Cases have also been identified in a unit in P.E. Grevena. In Peponia and Klima tis Neapolis in Voio, but also in Grevena there are three more suspicious farms that are being examined after confirmed cases in breeders.

Of course, what matters is whether the mink contributes to the spread of the virus. The first results are positive, as the mutation of the virus was ruled out after deciphering the genetic material of mink and workers.

First results have shown that the virus has not mutated and the deciphering of the genetic material of mink animals and workers show that it is the same.

However, more testing is due.

According to local media, the affected farms are to be under increased surveillance and the killing of animals will no longer be required, since there is a dispersion anyway.

Nevertheless, the outbreak is worrying, Rapid tests to workers continue and the farms are reportedly controlled with strict bio-security measures in the ninety farms in western Macedonia.

Last month, 1,800 animals were culled after the breeder and few animals in the farm were tested positive. It was the first outbreak in a Greek fur farm.

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  1. Must say, mink farms is animal cruelty! The poor animals cant live a normal, for a mink, life! I sincerely hope they dont have the mutated virus, like in Denmark. Because if they spread the mutated virus the vaccin available will not work on humans infected with it……