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Greek celebrities under fire for New Year party in ‘free’ Dubai

The first group of Greeks who returned from Dubai underwent massively rapid tests when they arrived at Athens International Airport on Sunday noon. Despite the rapid test the Greek celebrities and entourage had to show also a negative PRC test conducted 72 hours before arrival in the country.

One of the passengers reportedly raised objections to the rapid test but had to comply or risk to be prohibited from entering the country.

The Civil Protection had warned them that if they would not show a negative PCR test and undergo a Rapid test they wouldn’t be allowed to enter the country.

Like every international arrival they will have to spend 3 days in quarantine.

The group, celebrities and socialites, new money and their entourage, attracted media and social media attention, as they escaped the lockdown in Greece and spend the New Year’s Eve and Day in Dubai, the capital of the UAE, where things are much more relaxed covid-wise and the night life really hipp..

They posted on their social media accounts pictures from the fancy Dubai party in a high-end bar-restaurant with a second facility on Mykonos. They crowded nicely without masks and social distancing, All these in contrast to the …plebs back home who were curfewed by 10 pm even on New Year’s Eve and had granny dine alone in her room for her protection.

Τhe pictures were met with the ironic comments of the Greeks on social media. Twitter users expressed outrage about the ignorance and the wealth show-off. Many wondered what was the “essential reason” according to which the group was allowed to fly to the Persian Gulf.

Targeted were mainly a well-known life-style publisher who went bankrupt a few years ago and a shiny tennis star. the first stated that he was in Dubai for business and not for fun, while the latter was there for training and didn’t  participate in the Greek celebrities’ party, anyway.

This did not hinder the usual mean Greeks to retrieve an older message of the tennis star in which he was calling on Greeks to comply with coronavirus protection measures, social distancing, masks and the similar.

Mean, ironic and humorous comments flooded the Greek TL.

Who gives a f***, anyway? Some people have the means and can escape the Greek holidays misery of lockdown, family gatherings only and up to 9 people, no loud music and lots of policemen on the streets to secure law and order and scare the hell off the virus. Greece of Click To Stop everything – except for those who are above the average grim Greek.

“Things in Dubai were a lot freer than here,” one of the party goers told reporters upon arrival in Athens airport.

Or at least they used to be: State-run broadcaster ERT reported that due to the festive parties and event a rapid increase of coronavirus. infections and deaths has been recorded also in Dubai.

According to measures taken by Dubai, tourists from Greece are required to take 2 COVID19 PCR tests, one 96 hours before departure, and another one upon arrival in the Emirates. The traveler is obliged to stay in his hotel room until the result of the second test is out. But for party-goers it was worth it.

PS my cat told a friend of mine who has not be able to visit his 89 year-old father for the last two months that he should buy two tickets for Dubai and have a family reunion there.

Note: real old money goes for New Year in Verbier

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