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Mysterious death of British expat on his sailing boat in Souda port

Authorities investigate the mysterious death of a 74-year-old British expat whose body was found in his sank sailing boat in the port of Souda near Chania on the island of Crete.

The sank yacht was discovered early morning Sunday near Vlite by fishermen.

The body of the man was recovered by divers of the Greek Coast Guard from a depth of some 4.5 meters, local media zarpanews reported.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, weather conditions were reportedly fair and there was no rough sea in the port of Souda, anyway.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the body was on the deck of the 25-meter-long boat, with one hand tied with a rope.

The man’s dog has been located alive and was taken to a local welfare society.

The man was reportedly living on the boat together with his dog after his wife passed away some years ago. He owned a house in the village Almyrida.

ERT reported that the British national had fallen victim of a robbery again on his boat two tears ago. At that time, he was tied with a rope on his feet.

The body of the British expat has been transferred to Chania Hospital for autopsy.

Cretalive and other media report that the man had been living in the area for over 2o years, and he was well-known in the local community as a “calm man.”

The “Animal Protection” society posted on social media that “fishermen spotted the dog on the sailboat mast in the water. The animal was whining and was desperately trying to hold on to the wreckage of the sailboat to avoid drowning.”

The dog was in shock.The fishermen rescued him and brought him to safety. the Animal welfare took over.

The was taken to vet. He is 7 years old, castrated, microchiped, very friendly and cooperative.

A place in a foster home is urgently needed for the dog named “Frataki”.

Phones numbers for Frataki are on both FB posts, scroll don for English.

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