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Body of Iraqi pilot recovered following small plane crash in NW Greece

The debris of a training plane missing since Sunday and the body of the pilot were found on Thursday. Search and rescue teams located the body of the 32-year-old pilot in a ravine at the top of Mitsikeli mountain near the city of Ioannina, Epirus in north-western Greece.

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The small training airplane went missing Sunday noon, January 31. It had taken off from Kozani airport for a flight over Ioannina and back.

The pilot, Ammar Ibrahim of Iraqi nationality, was short before obtaining his flight diploma from the training school in Kozani.

At the time of the crash, bad weather conditions with low cloudiness were prevailing in the regions something that made also the Search and Rescue operation extremely difficult.

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A signal of the plane wreck was picked up on Wednesday by one Canadair aircraft participating in the SAR. A Super Puma helicopter flew over the area and confirmed the fund.

The cause of the plane crash is so far unknown.

The body of the pilot was found several meters away form the debris.

Thursday afternoon, the local Fire Service said in a statement that efforts were underway to transfer the pilot’s body, local media reported.

Ibrahim was one of 20 Iraqi nationals participating in a flight training program in Kozani, western Macedonia.

Iraqi Airways officially announced the death of its pilot on a post on social media.

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