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Turkey claims Greek fighter jets harassed research vessel Cesme in the Aegean

Turkey’s Defense Ministry has claimed that Greek fighter jets “harassed” research vessel “Cesme” conducting “scientific and technical research” in the international waters in the Aegean Sea.

4 F-16 fighter jets belonging to Greek Air Forces harrassed Turkey’s TCG Çeşme vessel on duty to conduct scientific and technical research in the Aegean international waters, Turkish Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

Citing TDM sources, dailysabah wrote that the vessel Cesme, “which is scheduled to continue its works in the region until March 2, was targeted by Greek fighter jets near the island of Lemnos, which is a Greek island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea.”

“One of four Greek fighter jets harassed the Turkish research vessel dropping chaff cartridge two nautical miles away.

“Necessary retaliation was carried out in response to Greek fighter jets flying over the Turkish vessel at a 1,000-meter altitude,” the sources added, however without explaining how “Turkey reciprocated harassment of Greek fighter jets, as state-runs news agency anadolu noted.

In another tweet Anadoly quoted Defense Minister Hulusi Akar as saying “the necessary response was given within the framework of the rules

So far, there has been no official reaction by Greece to the Turkish claims.

On Monday, the Cesme was sailing in international waters in the sea area between Limnos and Agios Efstratios.

Its activity has being monitored by a Greek coast guard vessels.

Last week Greece protested with a demarche the deployment of Cesme and the Turkish NaVTEX. Athens described it as “unnecessary” and underlined that although the ship was operating in international waters, the responsibility for issuing maritime advisories in that part of the Aegean fell to Greece.

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