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First Uganda mutation detected in Athens; Total mutation cases reach 1053

The first case of the so-called Uganda mutation of Covid-19 was detected in Greek capital Athens on Thursday. Scientists believe that the Uganda mutation behaves similar to the British mutation. The total number of British and South African mutations have reached 1052. The Uganda mutation “Lineage A.2.3.1” has been identified in various parts of the world and more specifically in some African countries, in Canada, but also in 5 or 6 European countries.

Infected with the Uganda mutation is a woman who has recently traveled to the area in Africa, private OPEN TV reported. The cases was detected in the center of Athens.

Coronavirus mutations are reportedly widespread in Greece, a total of  cases with British and South Afric amuations have been detected so far, since the beginning of the year.

as within almost a month and a half (from the beginning of January to February 18) 242 mutated cases were identified. Among them was the first case of the Ugandan mutation in our country.

According to latest data from Greek National Genomic Surveillance Network for SARS-CoV-2 mutations, the total number of mutation cases has reached 1,053.

New detection: until Feb 18

Total 242 strains:

  • 226 British mutation B.1.1.7 / UK lineage (VariantVOC_202012
  • 12 South African LineageB.1.351 / South Africa (Variant501V2)
  • 1 Uganda mutation Lineage A.23.1 / Uganda

In particular, out of the total number of new mutant cases, 226 concern the British, 12 the South African and 1 the Ugandan.

From begin of the operation of the Genomic Surveillance Network, identified have been:

  • 900 cases of British mutation
  • 27 of South African mutation
  • 1 of Uganda mutation

12 of the South Africa mutation cases are domestic, all come from the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki.

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