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As long as pandemic is “in full gallop”, the market opening will delay, says Minister

As long as the pandemic is ‘in full gallop’, the opening of the market will delay, Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis said on Wednesday a day after he hinted a day earlier that retail sector would open on March 22.

Speaking to Rel FM on Tuesday, the minister had said that the March 22 was put forward as a tentative plan that was conditional to what was happening in relation to the pandemic.

“We might be able to make it by March 22…I believe that within March we will open the market,” he said, while adding that protection measures will continue to be needed for a long time.

By Tuesday afternoon, when the latest official data showed a spike on confirmed daily coronavirus infections, the scenario what started to be circulating was that the reopening of the economy would move towards March 29.

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  1. Full gallop, my arse. The situation is rather better than it was in November. These people are utter morons, or criminals, depending on your views.

  2. well, only yesterday, it was announced that the figures are the same as they were back in Nov, when this stupid pointless lockdown was introduced. so for the last 17 weeks, its proved lockdown makes no difference. vaccinnations make a difference

  3. If people want to go to the shops then let them. The lockdown has barely made a difference and all that has happened is the economy has suffered. The elderly and vulnerable are able to shield themselves if they want

  4. No one cares about the well-being of the children keeping them at home for so long. Only country in Europe with schools closed this long.

  5. Every time, the deadline is pushed farther and farther away…
    People are not lab rats. They can’t be in cage for months. They can’t also be used to test some messenger RNA while no one knows the long-term consequences. Let the medicines that already exist and are efficient be released to the public and let the people use them. Everywhere except in the West these medicine are used and you don’t see any peak or catastrophic number of people dying, on the contrary. What is more safe? Using drugs that are proven since decades or experimenting on the entire Western population??