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Greece’s Dev Ministry proposes retail opening on April 5 with time limit

Greece’s Development and Investment Ministry proposed the reopening of retail stores on Monday, April 5, with a time limit for shopping trips.

An SMS will be send to the special phone line <13032>  set up only for retail shopping, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis told Skai TV on Wednesday morning.

The ministry’s proposal will be examined by the epidemiologists’ committee that advises the government later on the day, the minister added.

Georgiadis said that he proposed the time limit for shopping to be 3 hours, however, it could be 2 hours if epidemiologists consider it as “dangerous.”

Regarding the food catering sector, the minister said that the committee will examine all scenarios to relax the restrictions. He added that generous support will be given to restaurants for the installation of air purifiers, while the full range of support measures for restaurants will be announced on Thursday or Friday.

Restaurants have been closed down since November 2020 due to the nationwide lockdown.

Epidemiologists meet on Wednesday noon to propose a roadmap for the gradual lifting of some lockdown restrictions. The government is determined to proceed with measures relaxation  citing citizens’ fatigue, while the number of infections and intubated Covid-19 patients broke an all times pandemic record on Tuesday.

+++ According to last minute information, the head of Civil Protection is to announce the relaxation of lockdown restrictions early evening Wednesday.

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  1. Only question is, will this make third wave to a permanent wave or will it start a forth wave.

    • The only question is why they bother with this nonsense. The WHO declared some time ago that the virus cannot be stopped and will be with us permanently. There is therefore no logic in destroying businesses and lives, merely to slightly slow down the spread of a highyl virulent disease. It will reach everyone eventually.

  2. Contrary to government fears, I believe new cases will diminish once folks start going out and not socializing in each others homes as they do now. For example my neighbors yard seldom sees more than two cars but on Clean Monday at least 10 were in the property. We have had enough isolation and must learn to live with this virus as we have with others deemed so contagious. Sadly it will be with us until a new remedy is discovered in the future.