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Greece’s Civil Protection lifts some lockdown restrictions, allows certain activities

Greece’s Civil Protection announced late Wednesday evening a small road map for lifting some of the  lockdown restrictions imposed in the country and permitting some activities.

Among those is the opening of the organized beaches, in fact a week earlier than originally planned.

In a statement the CV said that following a recommendation by the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health Against Coronavirus Covid-19 and a decision by the Government, the following activities are resumed:

· From May 8, the percentage of area per customer is reduced, which corresponds to stores over 500 sq.m. in 50 sq.m. per person.

· From May 8, organized beaches reopen, based on a protocol that will be approved and announced by Friday, May 7.

· From 10 May, the administrative courts will reopen, as well as certain procedures in civil and criminal courts, based on the clarifications that will follow.

· From May 10, the in-person tutoring centers and foreign language centers related to the conduct of examinations, such as the Panhellenic examinations and the examinations of foreign language qualifications, will reopen.

· From May 17, the practices, clinics and laboratory exercises will resume in IEK and colleges, while the reopening of second chance schools is allowed.

A detailed announcement will follow for the specialization of the decisions, the Civil Protection said in a statement.

The Greek government is determined to have completely lifted the lockdown by May 15 and open the country’s gates to international tourists, no matter what.

More announcements regarding lifting of restrictions is expected in the coming days.

PS Greek media already hailed today’s the decision cheering “after the successful reopening of restaurants.” No idea, how they managed to evaluate the success of the food service reopening. They probably counted the revenues…

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  1. Open the country to tourists bringing in the virus from May 15 “NO MATTER WHAT”

    Still no temporary AMKAs for ex-pats wanting a vaccination and still around 75% of Greek adults NOT vaccinated.

    Are we all just cannon fodder for the tourist dollar NO MATTER WHAT ?

    • Most of the countries from where the majority of tourists will come have no/negligibly higher infection rates than Greece. Since they all at least have to have a negative test the local stood next to you in the supermarket is a bigger threat than the tourists.

      I think the government is acting too quickly opening up tourism but NOT because of the threat of tourists. Tourism cannot open up unless cafés, bars and tavernas open up and the infection rates are still too high to safely do that.

      While some ex-pats are still struggling to get temporary AMKAs some have already received them so it is not correct to say “Still no temporary AMKAs for ex-pats…”. Progress is beign made albeit slowly.

    • If the rollout for Temporary AMKA numbers went any slower it would be going backwards!!
      It is right and proper that Greek Citizens with AMKA should get the opportunity of being vaccinated before ex pats and retired non Greeks like myself and some of my friends that bought houses in Greece, meaning ny the way, not only do we pay taxes here we also generate tourism through our family and friends.
      We are however categorised as being in the vulnerable age groups therefore much more effort and consideration should have been put into place to get us all fully vaccinated before the flood gates are opened! If only I was confident I could safely return to England to be vaccinated then I would, The law that was passed allowing the issuing of Temporary Numbers wasn’t doneŷ earlier enough, and it seems there was no thought as to the number of foreign people needing the vaccine. People themselves are safe after two doses however not the non vaccinated people around them, also any sort of test is only good at that time.unfortunately both give people the wrong idea that they are safe from passing on this terrifying disease
      . In my opinion the impression that Greece is a safe Country to visit shouldn’t have been allowed, but of course the Country needs the tourists so I promise that if I get sick i’ll try not to make too much fuss while I’m gasping for breath!

  2. So it would seem Graham, ……….,so it would seem.
    I wonder if any of the comments put on here are ever passed onto a government official somewhere, because for all the concerns shown by people, there’s no government response.

  3. Hi, I’m expat, 61, been attempting to get a temporary AMKA since 6th March. NO LUCK. WTF…?