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Racist driver bullies foreign national on public bus in downtown Athens (video)

A racist incident took place on a public bus in downtown Athens when the bus driver bullied a foreign national for keeping a vacant seat next to him as dictated by the measures against the pandemic.

The tension started when a passenger on an A11 bus asked the foreign national to give free a seat next to him.  Despite the pandemic measures of social distancing, the woman insisted on the empty seat arguing  that it does not make sense to remain vacant, especially when the rest of the bus is full.

She asked the driver to intervene.

The driver stopped the bus and reached the back of the cabin.

In a recorded video exclusively obtained by Sputnik, the driver is heard saying “Get up and let the lady sit down, I am in command here.”

While the quarrel was unfolding, another passenger had pushed aside the foreign national and took place on the vacant seat of the dispute.meanwhile sat on the vacant seat next to the foreign national.

During the driver’s bulling, other passengers are heard urging the young man to “get up.”

The incident ended after the foreigner got up from his seat against his will and got off at the next stop.

So far, there has been no reaction or official statement by the company that runs the public buses, the Athens Mass Transit System OASA.

UPDATE: Meanwhile the OASA said that it investigates the issue.

In a statement the company said it has launched disciplinary investigation and condemned such behavior that by no mean complies with its values. “Sanctions will be very heavy, if proven that he is involved,” the statement added.

Speaking to Mega TV, the driver attempted to justify his behavior saying that he asked the migrant to get up so that the woman who had a health problem could sit. He added that he had “no racist motive.”

Would the driver be equally rude if the young man was looking “Greek”? Hardly…

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  1. joanna egleton

    Why wasn’t the bus driver wearing a mask? Should be sacked for such an attitude.

  2. I quite agree with the last comment & I cannot abide racism in any instance!

  3. Apart from the facts that the bus driver was bullying the passenger, was not wearing a mask and did not maintain the mandatory Covid rules, I didn’t hear any racist remark coming from the driver’s lips. Of course I could be wrong in understanding Greek language, but if not, then I would like to ask for more prudence using adverbs like that to attribute what happened.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      trolling white-washing machines here

      • Let’s see if the administrator of this blog is brave and openminded enough to publish this comment, but it is obvious that he doesn’t like to be corrected when it appears that he is wrong when using the word “racist”. My previous comment had nothing to do with “trolling” or “white washing”: it’s a fact that the bus driver can not be acccused of being a racist, just because he acted as he did towards a “foreign national”. Moreover, it’s not clear what kind of foreign nationality that passenger had: could have been a Frenchman or another Caucasian of any nationality, in which case it suddenly makes it impossible to call it a racist bus driver.

        Just an advise if you care about showing your objectivity: don’t try to be political ‘correct’ if you do not know the meaning of the word “racist”, especially if the bus driver didn’t say anything racist at all.

    • Pauline Slater

      It doesn’t have to be words to be racist, it is the reaction of the bus driver towrds the person because he is a foreign national! Had she been polite and asked him to let the her sit down then he probably would. Had that man been a Greek person the driver probably wouldn’t have intervened. He was abiding the Greek rules of distancing so he was perfectly within his rights to have an empty seat beside him and the ignorant Greek woman was breaking the rules, just because she is female it doesn’t mean he should have got up for her, (equal rights come to mind there) The bus driver deserves to be reprimanded and fined at the very least.

  4. Schandalige actie van …

    • keeptalkinggreece

      how can you expect posting in a language we don’t understand? #justsaying

  5. The Racism was the editor said “would he have treated a Greek like that?” The answer is probably NO!
    There has been a bit too much of this going on..ok the world is going mad, accepted but at the end of the day all that counts is money, money, money…and if that wasn’t there we “immigrants” would not be welcome.!

    • “The answer is probably NO”…. Please just stick to the facts, because there is already too much assuming going on in the social media world.

  6. The passenger who was occupying two spots was asked multiple times to move over so an elderly passenger can sit. Why didn’t he just move over when asked.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      because pandemic measures say: one passenger:one empty seat. Note: driver didn’t even bother to wear a mask, although he was obliged to.

    • She was hardly “elderly”. She was just ignorant. Someone else yelled to her that since she saw the bus was full, why did she get on?
      Also, she said “I am disgusted to sit [where he was]” If anyone is racist….
      Also, she insulted him and said he was “not all there mentally”.
      The old man pushing him needs to be charged with assault.