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Woman who developed thrombosis after AstraZeneca vaccination dies in Crete

Τhe woman from Crete who had suffered thrombosis after vaccination with AstraZeneca has died, the hospital announced on Monday. The previous day, doctors at the General hospital of Heraklio had disconnect her from life supporting machines. They had reportedly informed her family a few days ago that she was brain dead.

The woman was one of the 5 cases in Greece where people developed thrombosis after vaccination with AstraZeneca.

The 44-year-old mother of three was administered the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine on May 6. A few days later she started to feel unwell. A week later she developed thrombosis symptoms and was admitted to the Hematologic clinic of Venizelio hospital with mild symptoms.

Labor tests confirmed a disorder in blood clots and low platelets and later also a VIPIT syndrome, a vaccine-induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia.”

Three days later, her health condition deteriorated and she was transferred to the ICU, she underwent surgery.

The Hospital had expressed suspicion that the woman’s health condition was linked to the vaccine.

Her case was referred to as one of the three thrombosis cases on Crete possibly connected to the AstraZeneca vaccine by the Greek National Vaccinations Committee and the National Medicines Organization (EOF) a week ago.

In a letter to media on Monday morning, the woman’s husband blamed the state and said that he would do everything so that “women under the age of 50 should not be given the Oxford AZ vaccine.”

The woman had no underlying health issues.

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  1. Women under 50 should not be given the AZ vaccine? Oh, so it’s okay to administer it to people over 50 because it doesn’t really matter if they die since they’re old and won’t become a burden on the state if they die? I think everyone should be given the choice as to which vaccine they have. I personally will not be having any until all the trials are finalised in 2023. If all the mice have survived, then I might take a chance.

    • Hey Joanna,
      I guess by “mice” you refer to all of us who are willing to make sure we and our loved ones are safe and get the vaccine that the scientists say is safe.
      Funny how you seem to be upset at the writer because people over 50 should not be deemed disposable, but all who get the vaccine are mice to be experimented upon.
      I certainly like the way you think

    • Joanna, you need to look at the big picture. Based on results in the UK the normal background ‘natural’ level of thrombosis is between 5 and 16 per million people annually. In the UK almost 23 million people have received a first dose AZ vaccine and the thrombosis rate from the vaccine appears to be around 4 per million, which is less than the normal background rate. The risk of thrombosis from the female contraceptive pill is around 100 per million! As far as the cutoff at age 50 is concerned, this is based on accumulated evidence that shows the risk of thrombosis from the AZ vaccine is increased for younger women, those over 50 are at much lower risk. In the UK 49 people have died from thrombosis that can be attributed to the AZ vaccine, yet the vaccine is estimated to have saved over 10,400 deaths from COVID-19. Your stance on the vaccine is irrational and motivated by fear rather than by real information. You are far more likely to die from a COVID-19 infection than you are to die from the AZ vaccine. In fact you are massively more likely to be killed in a road accident on your way to get the vaccine than you are by the vaccine itself….

      • All you say is so true Tony … so many want to not look at the real science and mathematics of getting a C19 vaccine … of course, as with taking anything, some will have adverse side effects … but … taking asperin causes many more deaths per year than C19 vaccines.

      • Don,t start putting facts in the way of a good scare story.