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Divorce procedures go digital in Greece in July

Couples ending their marriage will be able to get their divorce papers online from the portal and through an authorized attorney as of July under the new family law in Greece.

The divorce is expected to come through in just 10 days.

According to the procedure, interested parties must submit all the relevant data in consultation with their attorney – marriage certificate and other documents – and the procedure will then be completed by their attorney and a notary.

Both parties will be updated on the progress of the process via e-mail.

A notarial deed of dissolution will be drawn up within 10 days and the registry office informed. [kathimerini]

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  1. digital everything.. nothing real.. nothing actually in the hands of the nation’s citizens.. these people aim to turn us into a country of digital ghosts, corporations, transient tourists, and maybe a handful of menial laborers to do whatever work they cant figure out how to automate.. as serfs on a digital plantation.
    is this the future we want?
    they want a digital world? pull the plug!