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Greece soon on UK’s “Green List”, says British ambassador to Athens

Greece will soon be included in Britain’s ‘Green’ list of countries, said British Ambassador to Greece Kate Smith at a webinar on tourism and security held on Tuesday, state news agency amna reported.

On May 17, the UK introduced a so-called ‘traffic light’ system for traveling abroad based on the coronavirus pandemic situation in foreign countries.

On June 3, UK updated its travel system and Greece remained on the “Amber List” which means that Britons are not advised to travel to the country.

If they do so, they have to be in quarantine upon their return to UK and take two diagnostic Covid-tests on the second and eighth day after arrival.

People returning from a country on the ‘Green’ list will not need to quarantine and will only be required to take one diagnostic test two days after arriving in the UK.

PS Sadly the ambassador forgot to define the word “soon”.

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  1. Always good to say “soon” when you have no idea of a date.
    The Greek tourism minister used the same word weeks ago.

  2. For “soon” read “when it is deemed to be safe”. There are two possible interpretations of the word “deemed”. It could mean when objective epidemiological data demonstrates that it is safe. It could also mean when some political objective, possibly totally unrelated to COVID, has been achieved.

  3. Basically it means when Boris and his daddy wish to holiday in Greece at their luxurious mansion .