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Vaccination Committee on AstraZeneca, age group 18-24, vaccines for travelers, temporary AMKA

The Greek National Vaccination Committee has changed its policy and strongly recommends that the AstraZeneca vaccine be administered to persons over the age of 60, its chairwoman Maria Theodoridou said on Monday during a regular coronavirus pandemic briefing.

The pediatrician said that AstraZeneca’s vaccine is currently being administered to people 30 years of age or older.

According to the committee, those who plan to have their first shot should be allowed to choose among the other three manufacturers available, while those who have received the first AstraZeneca dose already should continue with the same.

Justifying its decision, the committee chairwoman said there are adequate numbers of vaccines for the Greek population and the epidemiological picture is good, with a continuing decrease of infections.

People who have booked their appointment for the first dose of AstraZeneca will be able to choose one of the other three available vaccines, if they wish to.

The committee however recommended that those who have already done the 1st dose of the vaccine and have an appointment for the 2nd dose do not have to change jabs, as the possibilities of side effects are extremely rare, she added.

This recommendation may be changed only in incidents of thrombosis  in those who have taken the first dose.

Age group18-24, travelers 2nd dose & more

At the same briefing, Health Secretary General Marios Themistocleous said citizens aged 18-24, the last group in the rollout appointments for coronavirus vaccines, will be able to set appointments for vaccination as of Wednesday, June 16..

Referring to AstraZeneca recommendation Themistocleous said that although the recommendation does not prohibit younger people from going ahead with the particular manufacturer, they will be generally be administered Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

He noted that those who have contracted a coronavirus infection should be vaccinated six months later; if they have already set up an appointment, they should cancel it. The same holds true if someone has already contracted the illness and later been administered one dose: they should cancel the second appointment. They will be issued a vaccination certificate anyway, he asserted.

He noted that if people had severe side-effects after the 1st dose, the person’s doctor can apply for change of the vaccines for the 2nd dose.

He added that  if a traveler has had the first dose of a vaccine administered abroad, he can have the second one in Greece. He said they should first register their vaccination by submitting documents for the 1st dose. They have to seek a Citizens’ Service Office KEP. He clarified, though, that this refers to Greek citizens.

He announced that those who are confined at home or bedridden will be administered the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by private doctors contracted by the state. This will begin at the end of June, he said.

Responding to a journalist question, he said he had no data about how many people with temporary AMKA have been vaccinated. He estimated some 10,000 people. He refrained from given any information about temporary AMKA requests that have not be satisfied until now.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. Well done to the person who raised the question of Temporary AMKA. applicants that have been issued with numbers. If the reply of approximate 10.000 is right and, as I remember it, a previous estimates of how many people in this group that would need to get the required number was 60,00 to 70.000 throughout Greece, there are still a lot of people waiting and unvaccinated. Perhaps this is why the answer was so vague?!

    • Well done you as well for bringing it to light! As one of the thousands still anxiously waiting for a number, or ANY kind of communication from them, surely its time for someone somewhere to take control of the situation
      Its all so faceless, nobody appears to be responsible, meanwhile we of the older vulnerable generation are too scared to go out, how long are we going to be kept waiting???

    • Anne, Could you please tell me how many days after you get your AMKA (or temporary AMKA) were you able to set an appointment for the vaccine?

      After one week, 2 weeks?

      I got a temporary AMKA last week but I can´t yet have my number registered at the system even though I am a foreigner and I am 50 years old.

      I really appreciate if you can reply my question and you already have been helping many people here in Greece that still passing through the same situation than me or still without the Temporary Amka, unfortunately.

  2. Ich habe bereits 2 mal um eine Vorübergehende AMKA nummer angesucht, Februar und Mai, ohne Antwort.Vorige Woche bei KEP nachgefragt: Antwort , bitte warten……

  3. Someone should ask him why KEP has been able to issue temporary AMKAs to people who do not have a tax number, AFM, but claim that they cannot do so for people who do have a tax number but don’t have an AMKA?

  4. First we had a software engineer Tourist Min opining on the epidemiology of the islands.
    Then a tele-sales book vendor (Min of ?) threatening lack of access in respect of those un-vaxxed.
    Then the PM talking mandatory vaccination.
    And now a pediatrician recommending that the oldies ( 60+) get jabbed with AstraZeneca.
    Someone who actually knows needs to take controll.
    All the vaccines have similar adverse side effects, search VAERS, YELLOW CARD UK, EMA for more info. Some vaccines seem to be worse than the others.