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Prosecutor orders probe into leaks of slain Caroline’s diary

A Supreme Court prosecutor on Tuesday ordered a probe into leaks of sensitive personal material, the diary of Caroline Crouch who was murdered by her husband in the family home in Glyka Nea on May 11. The diary is part of ongoing investigation into the murder.

In a letter to the Athens prosecutor, Vassilis Pliotas expressed outrage at media and social media reports and comments stemming from leaked passages from Crouch’s personal diary, in which she described problems in her marriage to Babis Anagnostopoulos, who has confessed to her murder, and other private thoughts and moments.

The publication of such excerpts is an “affront to the deceased’s personality and may even contribute to generating a favorable climate for the defendant over the course of the criminal process,” Pliotas said.

He also urged the journalist’s union to investigate possible code of conduct violations, state-run news agency amna and other media report on Tuesday.

It is not clear who leaked selected excerpts from Caroline Crouch ‘s diary which is part of the case file the Police sent to the investigating prosecutor.
Angry social media users have accused police and the husband’s lawyer for the unlawful leaks and lashed out at media that published them. some also questioned the authenticity of the diary and claimed the murderer had time to edit the content that was apparently available online.

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  1. If the excerpts from the diary are genuine, then it can/should be read that Caroline records a classic case of post-natal ‘depression’. This does not mitigate a brutal murder; indeed it exacerbates the heinousness of the crime of premeditated murder of a person suffering from/experiencing a mental illness.