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Greece doesn’t have illusions about its relations with Turkey, says FM Dendias

“Greece does not have illusions about its relations with Turkey,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said on Sunday. In an interview with newspaper Real News, he pointed out that both the prime minister’s meeting with the Turkish president and his own contacts with his Turkish counterpart allowed “the ice to break”, but no significant progress was made in the relations.

“Our positions remain diametrically opposed. Our difference has been and still is: Turkey refuses to respect the basic rules of international law, the law of the sea, good neighborly relations and to withdraw the threat of war against Greece,” he said.

He expressed hope “we will have a relatively calm summer in the Aegean, without new challenges.”

Regarding the Cyprus issue, Dendias stated that we must be on constant alert and noted that the Prime Minister made it clear that Greece rejects any proposal that does not fall within the framework set by the decisions of the UN Security Council, ie bi-communal, bi-zonal federation.

This position is shared by all UN states, with the exception of Turkey, he pointed out and noted that unfortunately both the Turkish stance and the stance of the Turkish Cypriot community leave no room for optimism.

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One comment

  1. Just as America is as reluctant to charge Trump in fear of another insurection, Greece is reluctant to excercise its rights in fear of war. This is the autocrats playbook, using the disease if fear against their adversaries.

    America and Greece must be stronger than continue in a stalemate and challenge to tyranny.

    No one wants war, to see young men to sent kill each other. Gowever, democratic, law abiding nations that seeking to uphold the law must be overwhelmingly strong, beyond all odds, and excercise all of their power swiftly to minmimize life lost while also holding dangerous military or financial tyrants ultimately responsible.

    Unfortunately, being wishy washy or weak only emboldens the enemies of peace, democracy, and law.

    It is time to set an example by acting, make dramatic preparations instead of threatening like they do in this endless cat and mouse, god forgive me. It is time to act, on behalf of future peace and security.