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Wild parties with Greek youth defying large Covid-measures (video)

A wild party with over 500 guests, loud music, dance, fireworks and dangerous jumps from the balconies into the swimming pool was organized on Saturday in a villa in Halkida on the island of Evia.

The party was promoted with posts on social media.

Well-known DJs created  atmosphere and the crowd of young people had fun without safety measures.

In the video posted on Instagram, slogans are heard against Covid-restrictions and the head of Civil Protection who usually announces them.

“The measures are not for us.” the youth chanted in frenzy.

According to reports, the party was organized on social media and many young residents of Athens traveled to Halkidia for the endless fun.

Illegal corona-parties keep taking place all over Greece with Mykonos to be the leader in organizing them in rented villas and yachts.

Local businessmen are angry at the government that restricts their operation with seated guests only, yet it also ignores their “calls to deal with the illegal parties organized by illegal ‘businessmen’ who get rich while they defy all hygiene measures.”

Of course, on Mykonos it’s not only the Greek youth having fun in illegal parties but also local and international celebrities, rich and unfamous…

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  1. Young people are not in danger of ending up in an ICU, nobody has a right to impose restrictions on them. They are propably vaccinated anyway!

  2. I presume the only people they’re potentially hurting are the older unvaccinated. This could be a good incentive.