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Unvaccinated may not allowed inside retail stores from autumn, says Greek Minister

Greece’ Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis threatened on Friday that unvaccinated citizens may not be allowed inside retail stores as from autumn.

Speaking to Skai TV, he did not did not rule out the possibility that unvaccinated citizens would not be allowed to enter closed areas, such as retail stores, if the pandemic worsens in the autumn.

Commenting on the epidemiological situation in the country, Georgiadis noted that due to the increase in tourism, an increase in cases is expected in August.

“The possibility of eradicating the virus in Greece while we have our borders open and we have tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world, I think, is not possible; what we can achieve is to control it and reduce it,” he said.

Regarding measures on the islands, he referred to Mykonos saying “the rate of infections increase has decreased because we have taken measures. The rate of transmission has halved.”

He added that everybody on Mykonos understood that “there cannot be parties.”

Georgiadis pointed out that Mykonos-style measures are possible in other islands as well adding that the government is obliged to intervene when there is a problem.

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  1. Poor chap is delusional. The tourism minister has made it absolutely clear on more than one occasion that the increase in cases in Greece is not connected to tourism.

    • I quite agree the tourists that are arriving in Greece have to show on boarding their flights a negative covid test or depending where they are flying from a covid vaccination pass, then on arrival at the Greek airport they are tested again so how can it be down to tourists spreading the virus?? I have just been in Greece for 3 weeks and was appalled to see people not adhering to the rules eg the wearing of masks, social distancing and I am sorry to say it was mostly the elderly…..

      • keeptalkinggreece

        random testing at airport arrivals based on country algorithm.

      • None of my friends or family were tested upon arrival in Greece. Zero out of ten people coming from different locations on different dates. Some from the UK. All were vaccinated, but weren’t asked to show their passes. Some even asked whether they should be tested and were told it’s not necessary. It’s a joke. Don’t disagree though that most Greeks don’t adhere to the rules- at least the ones I know.

    • The problem with this minister is not that he is delusional but that his top floor is empty: now falsely blaming tourists for rising infection rates and then later punishing unvaccinated Greek citizens for the same reason. Economy first, people last….

  2. Wow, a bit extreme. Seems like they are taking the freedom of choice away from the Greeks that don’t want to get vaccinated. It’s a freedom of choice what an individual wants to do with their body.

    • Yes it is a matter of freedom of choice what an individual want to do with their body. But choices have consequences and if you choose not to be vaccinated then you must suffer the consequences.

    • I sure hope all those spouting “it’s my body” and “freedom to choose” regarding the COVID vaccine are also for abortion and LGBTQ rights.

      • What’s abortion got to do with an injection? It’s NOT even comparable! 😠

        • Found the hypocrite pro-lifer!
          “My body, my choice” is only a good argument for not getting the Covid vaccine but not good enough for a woman to end her pregnancy, I guess.

  3. So that will be the end of supporting local commerce then. Buy Greek and local? As if the shop keepers haven’t had enough disruption now they are going to lose access to 50percent of the Greek market. Get it cheaper online from abroad. Simples.

    Seeing as we now know vaccinated people can catch and transmit different variants…even die from it according to newer statistics. But let those people cram into any indoor space being made to believe that the vaccinated are the untouchables. He is making this into a game. That’s no way to win hearts and minds.

    • It will serve the Greek government right if people start to take them to the court of human rights for what they are doing! the people should be allowed to choose whether to have the vaccine or not! Surely they cannot stop people from going into shops, what will they do next! Will they tell people they can’t go into supermarkets? It’s becoming beyond a joke what the Greek people are having to put up with. I think if our British government tried to impose those kind of threats they would be out of office really quick.

      • Ich würde mich gerne impfen lassen. leider warte ich seit 12.5. auf eine temporäre Amka Nummer. Keine Antwort, trotz wöchentlichetr Nachfrage bei krb keine Hilfe……und ich bin nicht die einzige……

  4. given that this is illegal, beyond that unconstitutional, beyond that contrary to EU rulings which also have force of law in greece, it would seem that our national clown mister adonis should quickly think about changing his career to full-time comedy, or else prepare for getting comfy in prison.

  5. This idea makes sence. For the protection of the unvaccined.

  6. So those that are medically exempted from the vaccination are expected to starve

  7. The Minister of DIM strikes again!
    The measures taken on Mykonos succeded only in pushing probably infected clubbers from Mykonos to other less infected islands where the clubs were still open.
    Watch for increasing numbers in other Cyklades destinations. The weekly Covid map shows an increase in cases on some islands close to Mykonos this week.

    • Here in Naxos situation still “good”, but that chance soon. We tourist re not a criminal. Example in we must show Covid-19 passport Helsinki Airport last June.

  8. And you know what is the most scary part?
    The number of people who go on with all this and are ready to denounce others.
    They are scared, so they take the jab. Not sure that it will really protect them, and to be sure to avoid any hurdles created by the government, they want to make sure everyone takes the jab too.
    What comes next will be even more frightening since wisdom and critical thinking is in such a short supply these days.