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UNESCO slams Turkey over turning Hagia Sophia and Chora into mosques

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee issued a statement about over Turkey’s decision to turn the world monuments of Hagia Sophia and Chora Monastery into mosques.

The committee, meeting for the 44the session online from China, also expressed regret that Turkey’s government ignored repeated calls by UNESCO to observe the guidelines of the organization on world heritage monuments.

It also expressed its concern over the repercussions of these decisions on the monuments’ global nature, and called on Turkey to reveal its intentions and join in dialog before any other radical change.

UNESCO also asked Turkey to table a report on the two monuments’ maintenance by February 1, 2022 for discussion in the next World Heritage Committee meeting.

Greek diplomatic sources welcomed the UNESCO statement.

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  1. I think that was a political move by Erdogan. He won’t change. He is as stubborn as Trump. Maybe if Turkey is invited into the EU with conditions, this could change this. Otherwise, I honestly don’t see it happening unless it’s done by force.

    • Educate yourself read some history.. Turkey is the greatest danger for western Europe civilization. all ways was and still is.

  2. I think I was misunderstood. I was saying that I do not think the UNESCO statement would influence Erdogan to change it back to a world monument museum. Once Erdogan makes a decision, he tends to stick to it. He is stubborn. Therefore, I think that it could only change back to a world museum by physical force or through tempting political motivation. The example of this being a condition of EU inclusion was just one thing which could be politically motivating for Erdogan. But I do not think that will happen, nor do I think it should. I was analysing his political behavior.

    • Erdogan is uneducated and takes medication for epilepsy. His fanatic religious views to martyr little girls or steal another’s territory while neglecting international reflects how breathtakingly insane he is.

      For all the good he has done, he has destroyed Turkey’s image and economy now…and this dictator will be judged some day perhaps for embezzlement by the very judges he jails if not overthrown to join the Dead Dictator’s Club for the unbelievably idiotic decisions this evil and corrupt Islamist makes to endanger so many innocents.