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Greek top water sports athlete tested positive to Covid-19

for a Greek female water sports athlete the dream of the Olympic Games crashed on a Covid-19 test. The athlete currently in Athens was tested positive on Tuesday, a few hours before leaving for Tokyo, the Hellenic Olympic Committee announced.

According to media, the 26-year-old athlete has very mild symptoms like very slightly increased fever.

The Hellenic Olympic Commettee announced the case without mentioning the athlete’s name.

“Unfortunately, the athlete will not travel to Tokyo and will not take part in the Olympic Games,” the HOC said.

The HOC “expresses its support to the athlete who has lost her the dream of participating in the Olympic Games,” the statement added.

The athlete was due to fly to Tokyo with the second contingent of Greek participants.

Meanwhile, all Greek media have published the name of the athlete who competes in the discipline of Artistic Swimming.

Also her partner in Duo Artistic Swimming will not be able to compete as there is reportedly no replacement. However, she will compete in the team artistic swimming.

The young woman is top in the filed and had participated also in the Olympic Games in 2012 and 2018.

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  1. Antonius Kwantes

    Why is it so important for your news to inform us about sport celebs, and ministers when they tested positive for covid? For me it makes no sense.

  2. WHY is a top athlete NOT VACCNATED?

    This has ruined her one in a lifetime chance.

    • She may well be, she can still catch covid. Vaccination does not make you immune

    • Because he is healthy and not in vulnerable group.

      • When are people going to realize that with covid EVERYONE is vulnerable? The Delta variant is affecting younger people who thought they were “healthy”. And, as A mentioned above, just because you are double vaccinated doesn’t mean that you can’t catch or transmit covid. Unfortunately, the vaccine does not suddenly give you a teflon coating….