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Greece pulls artistic swimming team after four COVID-19 cases

Greece have withdrawn from the Tokyo Olympics artistic swimming competitions after four of their athletes tested positive for COVID-19, the Greek Olympic Committee (HOC) said on Tuesday.

One athlete tested positive on Monday while another three returned positive tests on Tuesday, ruling the team out and forcing the athletes into quarantine.

“The team from the very first day it entered the village has not come into contact with any other member of the Greek Olympic team for obvious reasons,” the HOC said.

All athletes are under tight restrictions once they arrive in Japan as the country struggles with record numbers of infections and the Games are held without spectators.

Tokyo Olympics organisers on Tuesday reported 18 new Games-related COVID-19 cases, bringing the total since July 1 to 294. [reuters]

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  1. Marcelus Vanmechelen

    I thought all Greek athletes were vaccinated?

  2. You can still test positive for Covid even though you are vaccinated. You can also transmit the disease. There have been numerous high profile people who have tested positive lately AND they have been double vaxxed.

    People need to get the thought that vaccination gives you a teflon shielf out of their head. I’m sorry that the team’s Olympic dreams have been brought to an abrupt end.

    • Marcelis Vanmechelen

      Really? So people that are vaccinated can be infected with a virus against which they are vaccinated? And the unvaccinated are to blame for that?
      In other words, unvaccinated people that are not sick (no symptoms) can infect people with a virus against which these people are vaccinated. Do you really believe that? Must be the first time in history…