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Armed Forces assist Fire Service in Greece’s multiple fire fronts

The Armed Forced were mobilized on Thursday morning to assist the Fire Service as several fire fronts have got out of control burning down thousands of acres of forest and destroy existences as they destroy also homes and businesses.

At a press briefing National Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos outlined how the armed forces will assist in the prevention and management of wildfires, “given the crucial situation in the coming days on the front of the fires.”

The decision for the active participation of the Armed Forces came at a meeting with the civil and military leadership on Thursday morning

The minister said that special emphasis will be given to the surveillance of high-risk areas throughout the country, from the air using all available aircraft and on the ground with intensive and continuous patrols by military troops.

Chief of the Greek General Staff Konstantinos Floros referred to the measures already being taken by the armed forces in this direction, saying that patrols will be increased, as will surveillance from the air using both piloted aircraft and drones. He said that vehicles and naval units will also be supplied if people need to be evacuated.

He also noted that all requests made by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection were being met, while in recent days they had supplied 500 personnel, 63 vehicles, 39 helicopters and fire-fighting aircraft and for monitoring fire-stricken regions and those at risk of fire.

Average daily forest fires are around 80 in the last few days nevertheless the prolonged heatwave. The Fire Service said it intervened in 92 in last 24 hours.

Hundreds have been evacuated form villages and settlements, many saw their houses and businesses, their animals and agricultural land being destroyed and they massively complained on TV and even swore at the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

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