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Greece Weather Warning: Temp drop, storms, new heatwave next week

Greece’s National Meteorological Service (EMY) issued a warning on Thursday of a weather deterioration with significant temperature drop, heavy storms and powerful winds. The weather change occurs after a prolonged hear wave with average temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and up to 44-47°C since July 27, 2021.

Health experts warn again the residents of Attica basin of high air pollution due to the smoke from the forest fire in Evia. See below.

Maximum Temperatures up to 44-46 ° C on Thursday, August 5, 2021, and very high risk of forest and wild fires.

Mostly affected by the “cold weather front”  will be the western, northern and eastern Greece.

According to EMY warning:

1. Temperature will drop significantly in the west and north Greece, where it will not exceed 36 degrees Celsius. In the rest
country, with the exception of Crete and the Dodecanese, the temperature will decrease by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius.

2. Strong West and North-West winds will prevail in both the Ionian and Aegean seas and islands as well as on the mainland. From Friday afternoon in northern Greece, with the passage of the cold front that is the main cause of this change in weather, the winds will are North-North-West and will temporarily be strengthened.

3. Sporadic thunderstorms will be locally strong. They will be likely accompanied by hail. They are forecast to hit in the early afternoon and last until the evening hours in central and eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

On the weekend, August 7-8, 2021, temperature will not exceed 35-37 degrees Celsius in most parts of the country.

From Monday to Wednesday, August 9-11, 2021,  a new heat wave will hit Greece again with temperatures reaching 40-42°C in Central and South mainland. Then temperature will drop, EMY said in its weather warning.

Weather Forecast August 5-10 , 2021, according to meteo service of National Observatory of Athens

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χάρτης πρόγνωσης

χάρτης πρόγνωσης

χάρτης πρόγνωσης

WARNING! AIR POLLUTION! Health experts warn also on Thursday about the high concentration of fine particles PM2.5 in Attica basin, due to the forest fire smoke in Evia. Please, read the measures you have to take and check the concentration in your area here.

Video on the spread of the smoke, released by the National Observatory of Athens.

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  1. Strange differences between the weather forecasts from HNMS and Meteo…..?! For example today 5-8 the island Lesvos will have a maximum temperature of 35 Celsius according to HNMS while Meteo predicts 41, a HUGE difference of 6 degrees! Which one shall we believe and can we trust? It reminds me of politicians promising many things but not keeping those promises….

    • keeptalkinggreece

      get a thermometer & confirm, instead of only complaining?

      • This has been going on for days. They are clearly using different weather forecasting models. I also look at the BBC weather forecast for Crete and the UK Met Office forecast for Crete and they are much closer to the Meteo forecast than the Greek National Met Service.

        Meteo have a page called The Weather Now. This updated more than once an hour. Here you can see the actual temperature in real time from weather stations all over Greece. They seem to confirm the Meteo model over the HNMS model.

  2. Hear !
    Good comment ktg

    • A thermometer will only tell you the temperature now. But if want to know what the temperature will be tomorrow or the day after then a difference of six degrees between the two forecasts is huge.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        Some Greeks wish they had your problems these days.

        • I live in Rethymno, I’m elderly and I have had to move into a cheap hotel to protect myself from the heatwave.

        • Aresponsibletourist

          Why are you so rude to this man? Who from keeptalkinggreece is writing these responses? Makes me unhappy to see such lack of professionalism and kindness.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            we cannot resolve readers’ meteo issues

          • Then don’t publish those unreliable Meteo forecast. It’s you KTG who should stop complaining about your readers who try to correct your inconsistent articles! If you try to make a valuable contribution to the daily news, please be professional AND stop commenting on your own articles!

          • keeptalkinggreece

            KTG thinks of a crowdfunding to finance its own meteo station with the perfect forecast