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Greece’s “borders are secure and inviolable,” says Citizen Protection Minister

Greece’s Citizens Protection Minister Chrysochoidis, visiting the borders with Turkey on Friday said that the  situation in Afghanistan could lead to “migratory flows.” “It is our decision to defend and secure our borders. Our borders will remain safe and inviolable,” he stressed.

“It is our decision, and this is Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ order, that we convey here today to the Armed Forces and Greek police officers and to local administrators the protection of our borders”, Chrysochoidis added furing a border inspection together with National Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos.

He underlined that the crisis in Afghanistan has changed the geopolitical sphere and also increased the possibility of migration flows.

“We support the democratic rights and the people’s freedoms but at the same time we can’t allow the instrumentalisation of the possible migration flows that arise,” he underlined.

On his part, Panagiotopoulos asserted that “Greece continues to shield against any possible or existing security threat”. He said that his visit with Chrysochoidiss along Greece’s land borders affirmed the “excellent and upgraded operation of the border protection systems, with the valuable contribution of the Greek police and Armed Forces” and the development of cutting-edge surveillance systems.

With special barbed wire barriers, the Greek Army has been building and completing a 27-km-long fence on the border with Turkey to avert similar incidents like in spring 2020.

According to newspaper imerisia, the government is considering to extend the fence toward Didymoticho and Soufli after the completion of the part in Feres.

The strong 5-meter-high steel metal railing that has been erected along the border includes the construction of new surveillance and maintenance routes for the artificial barriers along the river. In the near future the technological equipment will be completed and will include drones, thermal cameras and motion detection robot known as roborder.

More on the Evros border protection here.

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  1. Greece’s “borders are secure and inviolable.” Let’s hope so. Greece has done much more than it’s obligation and more in comparison to any other EU country.

  2. Germany claimed little confidence in Greece’s border. even after Greece recently repelling the recent intrusion. Germany also has a huge Turkish population and vast business interests in Turkey.

    Self interest is fashionable unlike never before.

    So much for Greece’s endless contributions and sacrifices and any other financial or geostrategic interests, even the Cyprus issues is decades old like crime paid.

    Greece had learned to be responsible for her borders, security, and territorial integrity. Any complimenting support is a blessing that can not be relied on. Never mind the happy talk by timid minimalists, Cyprus is already decades old that to remotely risk rewarding crime again with inaction.