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Minister calls unvaccinated workers “dodgers” of health services

Ιnterior Minister Stelios Petsas defended the government policy to halt Covid-19 tests free of charge to unvaccinated workers calling them “dodgers,” while at the same time it makes it obligatory for them.

“Paying for the rapid test out of own pocket is an extra incentive to get the vaccine and not to be a free user, the ‘dodger’ who uses the structures free of charge when others pay for them,” Petsas said in an interview with state broadcaster ERT on Monday.

The ex government spokesman said that “everything in life has a cost for our choices,” and added that “when we spend 8-9 months trying to persuade our fellow citizens to get the vaccine, which we have made available for free, at some point we should also protect taxpayers’ money and give a clear incentive to those who are not vaccinated.”

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What the Minister forgets is that also those who oppose vaccination keep paying for the health services incl vaccines and testing, through their social contributions and taxes.

One day, Petsas will also find out that the “unvaccinated dodgers” also pay for his four-digit salary, office expenses, his staff. his mail and business lunches.

The “dodgers” even came up for the 20-million-support to media Petsas as government spokesman generously distributed to media, that is public money from public revenues to media with the single aim that they support the government.

PS KTG is pro-vaccination, however, as it’s not mandatory for constitutional reasons, any government has to respect the citizens’ free choice and has no right to exclude them from medical acts.

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  1. Sorry but I disagree with your PS, KTG. There are many areas of life where restrictions are placed on us to protect society from risks and we treat them as completely normal.

    We are free to chose whether to get a driving licence but if we chose not to then we are not allowed to drive because it would pose a risk to others.

    We are free to chose whether to get a pilots licence but if we chose not to then we are not allowed to fly a plane because it would pose a risk to others.

    We are free to chose whether to undergo medical tests for certain diseases to obtain a blue book but if we chose not to we are prohibited from working in catering because it would pose a risk to others.

    We are free to chose whether to vaccinate our children against childhood illnesses but if we chose not to our children will not be enrolled in public schools because it would pose a risk to others.

    COVID is the same. Everybody is free whether to accept the vaccine but if they chose not to they are prohibited from activities that could pose a risk to others. Vaccines are cheap for the government to buy and they provide them free to anyone who wants them. Why should they pay more to provide people with free testing just because they are vaccinophobic.

    • Haven’t you heard that the injections DON’T stop you from getting it OR spreading it?
      Now Phizer are saying, that these injections AREN’T going to protect you from any other variants🙄

    • An interesting analysis by Warwick, above.
      The issue is, of course, choice.
      Should we now also consider persons who, by choice, eat junk food, smoke and/or drink and, although they pose limited risk to others, exclude them from medical facilities paid for by the government (taxpayer)?
      P.S. Completely agree with your analysis though KTG.

  2. @Warwick

    The analogies you are using do not even come close to comparing the current situation of excluding citizens from certain activities and the separation of society. People have the choice and if they choose to decline the vaccine they should not be discriminated against for their beliefs.