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Vaccinated and unvaccinated patients will need Covid-test to visit a dentist (UPD)

The cost for a visit to dentist will skyrocket as the Greek Ministry of Health demands a negative Covid-19 test by both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. The measure will be imposed also for those accompanied a patient to the dentist.

Vaccinated patients and accompanied person will have to show a negative Rapid test – 10 euros -, while unvaccinated a negative PCR molecular test – 60 euros – .

According to the ministerial decision published on the Official Gazette on September 12, 2021, the following apply for visits to hospitals, clinics, doctor’s officer, diagnostic centers and rehabilitation centers.

– Patients going to a public or private health facility for examination are not subject to covid-19 laboratory testing.

– Patients coming to a public or private health facility for an invasive examination or test that may cause aerosols to be subject to a laboratory test with a rapid test within 48 hours prior to the examination.

– Fully vaccinated patient attendants undergo a rapid test within 48 hours before entering a public or private facility.

Unvaccinated patient attendants undergo molecular testing (PCR) within 48 hours prior to entry into a public or private facility.

The president of the Dentists’ Association of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Kougias, reportedly confirmed the changes and the Covid-test requirements.

Speaking to Radio Thessaloniki, he said that according to the new instructions at the initial visit, that is without having to do any work, no test is needed.

However, when it is determined that the patient needs to perform tasks that require the use of medical equipment, such as a wheel that draws water and air and is contaminated with biological fluids, then the vaccinated should also undergo a negative rapid test.

Kougias said that a tooth extraction does not produce aerosol while a seal does. In any case, the dentist will be the one who will indicate to the patient whether or not a rapid test is needed.

The new requirements reportedly took the Greek Dentists’ Federation by surprise, no announcement has been made so far.

However, the Medical Association of Athens sent a letter to Health Minister Thanos Plevris requesting the modification of the Covid-testing requirements. The letter refers mainly to the vaccinated accompanying persons pointing out that it cannot be that “a vaccinated mother cannot enter the facility when her child is sick because she has not undergone a Rapid test and the same is valid for vaccinated persons accompanying elderly patients.”


After an outcry regarding vaccinated accompanied persons, the Health Minister reportedly said on Friday that they will not need to show negative Rapid test.

PS I have no idea what the Health Ministry has ruled for emergencies.

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  1. I often wondered where the cast of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST ended up

  2. Vaccinated too? Gee…. I thought the vaccine works and taking it gets you your human rights back…..

    • And the requirement to have a PCR or rapid test to buy food (vaccinated or not), is next on the agenda

      • Yep. It’s all coming and the worst part is that so many are not only accepting it, but demanding it, screaming for more, with foam coming out of their mouths. I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist, trump fan and anti vaxxer on this site. I am not any of those things. I’m just not willing to give away all my freedoms without a fight. And I’m not blind enough to think that any of this is about “public health”. It is not, it’s about control. Total control over everyone’s lives. Maybe in a year or two when people are lining up to take their 17th booster shot before they have to hurry back into their bunker and put on 6 additional masks, people start finally realizing what’s going on. It will be too late though. Sad

  3. The lady on the photo is an excellent example why we as patients need a negative test before visiting a dentist: so we will not infect here due to her wearing a mask the wrong way….

  4. For your daily dose of craziness: Greece.

  5. Welcome to Clown World

  6. It would be sooo funny ……… if it wasn’t so serious. Many people will now put off going to the dentist or even doctor when needed, they just can’t afford it!

  7. I find it fascinating that people can only think in black and white and have no understanding at all of the concept of managing risk. The dentist is at risk of infection by the patient. The level of risk depends on the nature of the procedure. The dentist can increase his protection by insisting on a test if he judges the procedure to be higher risk. Shouldn’t a dentist be able to demand such a test? What about the freedom of the dentist? Similarly for other medical staff.

    The dentist nearest to me has lost many kilos through sweating because of the level of PPE he is having to wear in order to protect himself. How do you fancy wearing what is almost a full hazmat suite for 10 hours per day in 40 C temperatures?

    • no A/C in dentist’s office?

      • Normally people keep all windows and doors closed when using recirculating A/C, which is the worst thing you can do for the spread of COVID. He keeps all windows and doors open to improve ventilation and minimise airborne viral load.

        I don’t know what the rules are today, since they don’t seem to be published anywhere, but earlier in the pandemic, when retail shops opened up after the lockdown, recirculating A/C was forbidden. Not many people have total air exchange A/C since they are extremely expensive to run.

        • We’re not going to deal with A/C here. even though a dentist can certainly afford an expensive system. If a dentist can’t cope with a mask, he can decrease daily appointments or pause work until pandemic is over. Think of all health workers making their shifts wearing sometimes even double masks.

  8. Ludicrous! What’s the point of going to all the trouble of being double vaccinated if they’re just going to charge you anyway? Obviously another moneymaking scam!

  9. Bit off a conundrum here…you have to be tested before going to medical premises such as Dr’s surgery or clinical testing centres in order to be tested !! Amazing.

  10. Good thing I just went unvaccinated, good for another year. Hope these annoyances are done with next year.
    Perhaps we should diy, cant be that hard poking around and polishing.