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Booster shot platform opens for people over 60 and healthcare personnel

People aged over 60 and healthcare workers who have fully completed their vaccination at least six months earlier can visit the online platform and book appointments for a booster shot of the vaccine against Covid-19. The platform to book an appointment opened on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

According to health authorities, a third booster shot is considered advisable for these groups as the number of protective antibodies against coronavirus starts to wane after six months, especially for older age groups, while those working in the healthcare system have higher exposure to the virus.

A third dose has already been made available to very vulnerable groups, such as immune-suppressed individuals or those living in care homes for the elderly.

The booster shot is not obligatory.

People are considered fully vaccinated with just two jabs (or one of the single-dose vaccines), it is strongly recommended for better protection.

The list of those eligible for a third dose will be regularly updated as the six-month period since completing vaccination elapses for more individuals.

The vaccine being administered is exactly the same mRNA Pfizer vaccine used in the first round of vaccinations, as this has been proved effective in protecting against the predominant Delta variant.

All individuals vaccinated with either the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines will now receive a Pfizer vaccine as their third dose. For individuals that were given the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, experts are awaiting for recommendations, state-run news agency amna reported.

The side effects of the third dose are similar to those of the first and second dose and generally considered milder.

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