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Elderly man strangles wife, commits suicide: 12th victim on femicide in Greece

An elderly man murdered his wife in their summer home in Porto Heli on Thursday night. He informed the police about the crime and then he committed suicide. He left a note saying that she was sick and he could not come along with the situation. The woman is the 12th victim of femicide in Greece in 2021.

The 78-year-old man wrote on the note that his 75-year-old wife had Alzheimer’s.

The tragedy took place in Ververounta settlement in a mobile home where the couple was living over the summer months in the last few years.

According to media reports, the man strangled the woman probably with a rope. Then he wrote the note of apology to the couple;s children He called the police to report the crime around 11 o’ clock Thursday night. When officers arrived they found the woman’s body and the man hanging in the yard.

The area is sparsely populated, the houses are isolated and the only evidence the police has on the man’s claim is the note stating that she victim was suffering from the degenerative disease in recent years.

The couple’s main residence was in Athens.

Police investigates the case.

On social media, some users express sympathy for the husband and murderer blaming the state for leaving alone people with incurable diseases like Alzheimer’s. The majority, however, speaks of femicide, arguing that he had no right to take his wife’s life not matter what and that “euthanasia” is not even a slight issue in a conservative country like Greece.

PS Having had my late mother suffering from dementia for over 13 years, I would have brought my dad to jail myself had he dared to decide about her life or death because he would no longer see her suffering.

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  1. I am in the same situation… & I’m in total agreement with you…

  2. THIS IS NOT FEMICIDE! This is about Dementia! I have been caring for my dad for 12 years here in Greece and it’s a world wide problem. Caregivers all over the world caring for a loved one with dementia experience what this poor elderly man experienced – obviously his family abandoned him and it’s so common with dementia that it’s shameful!

    There have been plenty of times I thought about smothering my dad – whom I love very much. Caring for a person with Dementia involves physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation, Family disappears, friends disappear and you are on your own – living in isolation and alone with all the difficulties and chaos that comes with the Dementia package. Nobody visits, nobody helps, nobody gets involved.

    Please correct your title because you are misinforming this is a cold blooded Femicide and it’s not!

    • I would have to agree with you – on the surface it seems this is likely a vastly different situation than the previous monsters who killed because of jealousy, separation, etc. Euthanasia is a controversial issue but even in countries where it is permitted, the laws are generally clear-cut that one must be mentally competent to make the decision. Even if you had decided prior or in the early stages that do not want to live in such a state, you wouldn’t be eligible at the time that you wanted it carried out. It is possible that he was carrying out her wishes.