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SYRIZA proposes Parliamentary inquiry on the funding of Greek media by the Gov’t

Greece’s main opposition left-wing SYRIZA demands the establishment of a Parliamentary commission that will investigate the funding of media by the conservative government and thus with taxpayers money. The Committee should investigate “repeated acts of manipulation of public opinion by the Mitsotakis government with money of taxpayers, who on their part were objects of such manipulations,” SYRIZA wrote to its proposal.

Making use of a recently revised article of the Constitution according to which the opposition is given the right to submit proposals for the establishment of inquiry committees. SYRIZA accuses “the government and the Prime Minister personally that in the outbreak of the pandemic he found the opportunity – citing “state of emergency” – to generously promote unprecedented amount of funding to the media – around 42 million euros – in “fast track” procedures with completely opaque procedures and without objective, non-political, criteria (direct negotiation, without publication, invitation lasting a few days, etc.).

According to cnngreece and other media on Monday afternoon, in its proposal signed by the whole Parliamentary group pf the main opposition party, SYRIZA calls for the investigation of “the criteria according to which about 42 million euros were given to media, from the so-called “Petsas Lists” 1 and 2, the  failed vaccination campaign by the Health Ministry, the financing of EnterpriseGreece for an international campaign of the government, as well as the public funding of the owner of the polling company OpinionPoll, the results of which the government majority has refused to control in the Committee on Institutions and Transparency of the Parliament, despite the request and the irrevocable relevant data submitted by the official opposition.”.

Referring to the scandal of the media funding in Austria and the resignation of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, SYRIZA points out at that “such practices are being devalued by European public opinion and the institutions.”

The proposal by SYRIZA sets also the other opposition parties such as KINA/PASOK, KKE, MeRa25 and Greek Solution before their own responsibilities. The signatures of 2/5 of the 300 MPs at the Parliament are needed for such an inquiry committee to be established.

If the investigation proceeds the former government spokesman will have to justify to Parliament and the public according to which criteria an opposition newspaper was funded with 40,000 euros and a government-affiliated one with 300,000 euros.

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  1. game over! bye bye Mitsotakis…

  2. Turkey and Germany must just love this guy.

    Ephialtes would be envious.

  3. I doubt 40% of the house will subscribe to funding the socialist’s witch hunt. They are grasping at straws, even after voting against defending Greece amid intolerable and escalating provocation.

    SYRIZA screams like they are being knifed with the rest of their leftist buddies but one has jailed any journalists.

    The amounts are also relatively small to merit wasting valuable resources, time, and energies. As for being equitable, how many people subscribe to this “opposition newspaper” to merit equal funding, if its size alone didn’t dictate the discrepancy.

    They are as bad in opposition as they were when leading as a capitulating and inexperienced horrific governance. Instead, is they who can not be trusted against the will of the people from Prespes to betraying a democratic referendum that they championed. Who believes or trusts these belly aching cry babies.

    Perhaps it is finally time for an early election to further widen the gap between these grandstanding irrational idealists that are a detriment today as they were yesterday. I still can’t get over how they voted against the defense of Greece, I wonder what the people think about that.