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Vaccination remains the only protection, Covid-drugs to take time, says Health Minister

The number of the unvaccinated citizens, particularly those over 60 years old, remains a major headache for the health ministry, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Monday while speaking on MEGA TV. He emphasized that vaccination remains the only viable strategy against Covid at present, as possible treatments were still “too distant”.

Plevris also noted that, while up to 60% of the general population and 70% of the adult population were vaccinated, these rates were not evenly distributed in the country, with some areas having much lower rates of vaccination.

  • 87% to 90% of the 361 patients in ICUs (stand Oct 17) are either unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated.
  • Among them are 12 people aged 18-39
  • Last week 3 young people aged 22-29 died of Covid-19. Two of them had mild underlying health issues, the third did not.
  • A total of 115 young people died of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic in Greece

Regarding drugs for the treatment of coronavirus, the Health Minister said the new mecicinas will not be available before the new year.

“Many times we are asked about the monoclonal antibodies and the new treatments against COVID-19,” Plevris said.

“We are in coordination as the EU but also separately, as Greece, to proceed with these supplies but we will not have reliable data on these treatments before the new year. So, it is very important for the citizens to know that for the next three to four months, our only protection, apart from the self-protection measures, is vaccination,” he added.

He revealed that he has met with all the companies that have such drugs, adding that the new medicines will not be available before January or February 2022 at the earliest and may take up to seven or eight months. 

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  1. Why do we need new treatments, what’s wrong with Ivermectin?

  2. What happened to my post yesterday? Did I mention a possibly unmentionable treatment? Strange that the post has vanished….

  3. Which ‘scientists’ reports are you referring to exactly.
    All the medical results I see recommend its use.