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Αnti-vaxxer teacher dies of Covid-19; he had signed not to be intubated

Α 45-year-old music teacher died of Covid-19 complications in the hospital of Serres, northern Greece, on Wednesday. The father of three and his wife had signed hospital papers confirming that he did not wanted to be intubated should the doctors consider intubation due to his health deterioration.

The man was admitted with serious pulmonary problems to the General Hospital of Serres 12 days ago.

“The patient died of Covid-19 complications like emboly,” Theofilos Kallinikidis, in charge of the Covid-19 clinic of the hospital told state broadcaster ERT and denied that it was the signed document that hindered intubation thus leading to the patients’ death.

Kallinikikis added that had the doctors considered intubation they would have sought other [the legal] ways.

The teacher was reportedly against vaccination and skeptical about the risk posed by the coronavirus.

He was very active on social media and on his Facebook page he was posting against the use of masks and the schools closure, thus denying there was such a thing like the coronavirus or that vaccines were effective.

He was teaching byzantine music at the Music School of Serres.

He left behind three underage children.

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  1. If he was brought in for heart trouble, then Covid is not what killed him.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      had he had wheels he would have been a bicycle

      • I agreed with Martine. He has heart problems. IT doenst matter if he was tested Corona positive. He died with Corona and not because of Corona. IT is a bif differance.

        • How can you explain basic logic to people who don’t know the difference between the heart and lungs? Yes you’re right, covid doesn’t kill, except for all those bodies piling up…

        • SARS-CoV-2 is not a simple pulmonary virus like flu. It is a vascular virus. It can and does infect the whole vascular system and hence can attack all major organs. It infects through the lungs and causes damage there first so most COVID deaths are caused directly by respiratory problems. People also die of heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, liver failure etc DIRECTLY caused by COVID. If you have a heart condition and COVID attacks the heart you are likely to die of a heart failure BECAUSE of COVID NOT WITH COVID.

      • If he died on bicycle while positive, he would be covid victim as well?

    • It says he was admitted with pulmonary problems – that’s lungs, not heart.
      Sounds like those lung problems were caused by Covid to me.

  2. If you have some sort of weakness in your body and get the corona virus you will get seriously ill and maybe die! Cant be hard to understand!? Your body cant take it!
    So, take the vaccin! It is the only way mankind can beat this sh.t! So, once again: GET YOUR VACCIN!!!