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Epidemiologists consider new restrictions as Covid-infections increase

Greece’s epidemiologists are particularly concerned about the course of the pandemic in the country after daily Covid-19 infections hit an all time record with 4,696 cases on Saturday and coronavirus-patients in intubation to have exceeded 400. Pressure on public hospitals in Thessaloniki and other cities of northern Greece is especially high, with doctors saying that ICUs capacity has been reached.

The burden on the epidemiological load in several regions is reportedly at such levels that now scenarios suggesting “at least 5,000 infections per day” appear absolutely realistic. Under these circumstances, the Committee of Experts of the Health Ministry are is going to suggest to the government the implementation of new measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, if not horizontal lockdown, at least some restriction in “red” regions, regions with very high number of infections.

Covid-Map updated October 27

Slow vaccinations rollout

The slow pace of vaccinations is a cause of concern for the government as 36% of the general population has not even received one dose of vaccines against COVID-19.

A new pro-vaccination campaign is expected to start on Monday, November 1, with sms to some 450,000 unvaccinated citizens. The sms will be sent several times per week,  and contain messages about the risks faced by all those who remain vaccinated.

The messages will be also sent to those who should take the booster shot, important mainly for elderly and vulnerable groups.

One of the messages reads among others: “7 in 10 intubated Covid-patients are over 60 and 9 in 10 unvaccinared.”

New measures under consideration

As the government remains determined to avoid a new general or even local lockdown, the country’s epidemiologists are considering alternatives including recommendations for mandatory vaccination for workers in certain sectors like catering and entertainment.

According to media on Sunday, among others also cnngreecethe country’s health experts  are expected to suggest the following measures:

  • Possible imposition of mandatory vaccinations for catering and leisure workers
  • Two rapid tests for unvaccinated workers and at their own expenses for both the private and public sector.
  • Additional restrictions for unvaccinated citizens in mixed open spaces in restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Mandatory use of mask use everywhere in the “red” regions.

Professor of Epidemiology and member of the Committee of Epidemiologist, Gikas Majorkinis left open the possibility of closure of nightclubs in areas with high number of infections.

Speaking to Skai TV, Majorkinis did not rule out the possibility that measure decisions will be taken within the upcoming week for areas such as Thessaly, Eastern and Central Macedonia, where the number of infections is growing rapidly.

On October 6, the government decided to scrap the so-called local lockdowns and to allow music, dance and standing customers in cafes and bars. The Health Ministry had said that it would review the new measures in two weeks. Apparently it did not do so, even though health experts went on alert a week ago.

Anyway, the Epidemiologists Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday and make relevant recommendations on upcoming Wednesday. According to some media, the Committee may even hold an extraordinary meeting, tomorrow, Monday.

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  1. Why should vaccinated people wear masks? We are already exempted from other restrictions, we do not spread covid!

    • Oh yes you do!

    • Your problem John is you listen to the main news networks, if seems. The vaxx’ed do spread cuz you do it realize that you have the virus, so you go about your day just all sunshine and roses cuz you think you are fine. Where as the unvaxx’ed know they have it and stay home.

    • Even vaccinated you can still get infected, though it is much less likely. And if you can get infected you can still infect other people, again to a lesser degree if vaccinated. But you can.

      Vaccination is not immunity. The whole f… pandemic is a about probability.
      Vaccination reduces the probability to get the virus, reduces the probality to get into an ICU, reduces the probality to infect others. But it does not eliminate it.

      So it is in ones own interest to wear a mask in high risk environments, even if ones base probability is low because of vaccination. But it is not zero.

      Blame all the unvaccinated for it…

  2. Slow vaccinations rollout …. are they surprised ? “Is a cause of concern for the government” !!!!
    Are they taking the piss ? They should first stop their stupid procedure to get the jab i.e. all their administrative moves with AMKA, taxisnet etc etc it is pushing back to have to make all these steps for quite a lot of people, specially for foreign greek resident. That’s a big difference with some other EU countries where it’s much easier to get vaccinated. You’re losing your time, your mind to try to do all these steps before having the chance to have the vaccine.

  3. Boris Johnson has admitted last week that the vaccine (and I quote) ‘doesn’t protect you against catching the disease, and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on’ … for once I think he’s not lying.