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False ceiling collapses in Thessaloniki school, teacher rescues pupils in last minute

The false ceiling of a classroom in an elementary school in Thessaloniki, collapsed on Thursday morning and it was only due to the teacher’s sharp observation that the 23 pupils of the 6th Grade escaped without harm the disaster of metal bars and debris falling on their heads.

At the time of the incident, the pupils and the teacher were in the classroom making the last preparations for an excursion.

Short, before the false ceiling collapsed, the teacher noticed some crack in the roof. She evacuated the children as soon as possible and just moments later the ceiling collapsed. Iron bars, metal devices  and debris fell on the pupils’ desk and the teacher’s table.

A pupil told media that they were at the door and some already outside the classroom when they heard a horrible noise.

After being informed about the incident concerned parents rushed to the school to pick up their children.

The false ceiling in the classroom of the 4th Elementary School of Pylea was installed last year by a private contractor, local media thesstival reported.

A prosecutor in Thessaloniki has intervened and ordered an urgent investigation into all  persons involved into the false ceiling installation, including the contractor and the inspectors of the project.

The specific elementary school is housing in a private building that school authorities in charge have been leasing.

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