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Heavy fog covers Athens, large parts of Greece; locals cheer about the eerie scenery (pct,vid)

Αn unusual phenomenon with very heavy fog covered large parts of Greece, from Crete in the south to capital Athens and Pilio in the central of the country early Saturday morning. The eerie phenomenon had Greeks cheer about the scenes as if directly from a “fairy tale.”

“And suddenly the whole city of Rafina, the port, and Pikermi [South-East Attica] were covered by dense fog, like in a fairy tale!,” wrote local media

The fog in Athens and suburbs forced some flights to deviate from destination “Athens Airport” to other cities.

Traffic police was deployed to Attiki Odos highway due to the very low visibility.

Rethymno, Crete Friday afternoon via cretedoc.

Pilio, Magnisia, Central Greece, Saturday morning

Syros, Cyclades, Friday

Off the island of Syros the Coast Guard rushed to help two boats that were disoriented in the fog.

Meteorologists explained the phenomenon of “temperature reversal” when the air temperature increases locally with the altitude instead of decreasing as it normally happens, and in combination with the high humidity.

Temperature reversal plays an important role in atmospheric stability as well as in the transport and dispersion of air pollutants.

The experts said, that the Sahara Dust from North Africa currently covering Greece has nothing to do with the heavy fog, though.

more pictures: cnngreece,, twitter

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  1. English speaking scientists refer to it as a temperature inversion, or thermal inversion, not a temperature reversal. I suspect the Greek word used can translate to either meaning. Not a criticism but it might help anybody who tries to search for more information on the subject.