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New anti-Covid restrictions in Greece’s supermarkets from Nov 13

Restrictions to avoid overcrowding and the spread of the coronavirus inside closed spaces return to Greece’s supermarkets and food stores in general on Saturday, November 13, 2021. The restriction regards the limited number of customers inside the stores at the same time.

The relevant ministerial decision is expected to be issued in the next few hours, media report on Friday evening.

It is noted that since October 25, the rule is 1 person per 2 square meters, while previously it was 1 per 9 sq m.

The idea to demand negative Rapid Test by unvaccinated citizens was abandoned due to strong reactions.

It is recalled that earlier on Friday, Development Minister, Adonis Georgiadis, had stated that the possibility of unvaccinated citizens entering the supermarkets with a rapid test has been discussed, but there are problems in terms of its implementation.

“Of course, [the issue] is being examined, but there are problems. We also discussed it at the meeting at the Prime Minister’s office. There are some of our fellow citizens who will not even do a rapid test and we can not deprive them of access to basic goods,” Minister Georgiadis said.

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At the end of the day, or better say as of Saturday morning, vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens will wait in queues outside the supermarkets for the “entrance card” as we did in the first and second lockdown and beyond.

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  1. If the unvaccinated had to have test to show they did not have covid prior to the grocery shopping, then all of the unvaccinated would not be a danger in the supermarket. However,if i was unvaccinated went shopping and caught covid then it can only be from someone vaccinated. If this happened to me i would find a good lawyer.

    • NO vaccin is 100%! The best you can get is approx 70-90% immunity but that is far better than none at all, isnt it?! So take your jabs and we dont have to have this silly arguments anymore…

      • So 100 people in shop. 20 unvaccinated (all had tests so ok, no covid) 80 vaccinated (from your figures, say 20 have no immunity and no test so can have covid). So the unvaccinated can catch covid from the 20. I want people to be safe ( i do not think this is silly) so if there are tests everyone should have to do so. I do not want to see people hurt, ps (you need to add e on vaccin)

    • I am vaccinated and would have no problem being among unvaccinated people. I can spread this virus just the same as non vax people can. The difference being is if I fall to the virus the likliehood of becoming seriously ill is diminished and I would probably not require hospitalisation. If a non vax person contracts this virus then the probability is, and current statistics confirm this, that they will require medical assistance and so increase the burden unneccesarily on an already stretched health service. Non vaxer’s are also having an effect currently on other peoples health. It is widely known that those people who are already vaccinated and apply for booster doses are having to wait unneccesarily because non vaxer’s are now clamouring for the jab after the latest tranche of restrictions. By their selfish and mostly ill informed actions non vaxers are putting their fellow citizens at risk. It cannot be right that people are so selfish that by their actions they are denying those people that are suffering from other illnesses a hospital bed. In a democracy we all have our rights. But along with those rights comes a responsibility not just to ourselves but to our fellow man…I sleep well at nights…do you?

      • Stay healthy and safe sir. Hopefully things will improve in the mid term.. It is very sad to see people having to wait for their boosters. I hope this can be rectified shortly. It is a shame that 6000 front line health workers were suspended (who worked diligently and courageously from the onset of the pandemic) are unable to assist with the rollout.

    • A wonderful experiment is beginning!

    • When you are lying face down on a trolley with a tube shoved down your throat gasping your last breath a lawyer isn’t going to be much use to you.

    • It’s about marginal gains , as you well know , but unfortunately some refuse to accept the reality .
      Vaccination eradicates unwanted disease .fact

  2. On the one hand: mass pricking, lockdowns and other measures; on the other: illnesses, suicides and deaths.
    But which is the chicken, and which the egg?

    And why do people who wish to eat outside at a taverna’s outside tables need a test to be served?: Silly!

  3. Both jabbed and unjabbed can catch and pass on COVID.
    This has been going on for nearly 2 years now and there seems to be no reduction in ‘cases’ so how can the vaccine be considered successful?
    There is no way you can mandate a drug that is still under trial, no idea of the long term effects and one of the adverse effects is death! ??

  4. Yet again unvaccinated people have strong objections. What about the vaccinated population don’t they have a say as well!!!!!

  5. if i understand correctly, the vaccines we are offered do not give us total immunity, but in the event of contagion, they protect us from the (very) serious forms of the disease induced by the virus. that’s not bad. if not, it seems obvious to me that we should continue to wear a mask, keep our distance and wash our hands. not out of acute paranoia, but just as a matter of precaution. i myself have been vaccinated but against the restrictions imposed on non-vaccinated people

  6. The whole point of vaccination is, if you do get covid, it’s highly unlikely to be even as bad as a cold. Thus if everyone were to be vaccinated, it would no longer be a major societal problem.

    • Funny. Remember when they rolled out the vaccines? The whole point back then was that it would protect you from an infection and stop the spread. Now the “whole point” has changed and goalposts have moved because it all turned out to be a bunch of bullshit. Just the brainwashed don’t remember that anymore. When you scare people enough, they just double down every time they are proven wrong. The vaxtards are a religious cult

    • That’s not true. I know people who were vaccinated and they ended up in hospital and in ICU. It doesn’t work 100%, especially with the Delta variant.

  7. The amount of time spend trying to save ppl from a virus that is 98-99% survivable is astounding. Yes some ppl get sick, yes some ppl die, just like influenza and pneumonia and by drugs prescribed by a doctor; but the vast majority of suffers get hit with a mild to sever form of a flu. All the statistics, always point to how many ppl die but yet you don’t hear, or read on the amount of ppl that have survived. And here we are about two years later, after two lock down, vast ppl being vaxx’ed. The “brains” (ha) in control are doing their best to make us believe they are trying to rid the world of a flu, will not happen ever.

  8. Interesting that not one vaccinated person agrees that it would be safer to have test before going to supermarket even though they can transfer the covid, maybe to a vulnerable person, yet i have been inferred to as selfish! Don’t worry though you can have a haircut and a few mythos now you have been vaccinated…Do i have to be grateful that a vaccinated person has no problems with being around me and my ilk, lol.

    Btw, KTG, all my sources are accredited (KTG, Reuters etc)

    I am still 50/50 on this