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Greece’s mobile market is most expensive in EU, one of most expensive in the world, study finds

The mobile market in Greece ranks as the most expensive in the European Union and one of the most expensive in the world, a recent study has found.  Research by Rewheel confirmed its previous findings on the Greek mobile market.

In a statement, Rewheel says:

The Greek mobile market is the most expensive market in EU. The Greek mobile market where only 3 mobile network operators (3MNOs) are present, was once again, ranked as  the most expensive mobile market in EU and as one of the most expensive markets in the world.

Even after excluding the mobile telephony tax Greek minimum monthly prices of smartphone plans with 1, 3
or 5 gigabytes were the highest in EU.

And while telecom regulators in EU’s remaining 3MNO tight oligopoly markets are taking steps to remedy effective
competition see recent 4th MNO entry in Portugal2 and ANACOM’s social tariff (30 gigabytes for 6 EUR) decision3
the Greek telecom regulator EETT is in denial and has done little to remedy the apparent market failures in Greece.



Research findings report and countries comparison here.

PS no need for comment here. anyone struggling with Greek internet has a full picture on price-performance relations. *rolling eyes*

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  1. I can’t understand that at all. I have a Cosmote prepaid SIM just for the Internet, where I get 120 GB for 80 €, i.e. 66 ct per GB. In addition, a German one, which costs five times as much when converted to GB.

  2. I decided to go with a Spanish carrier: 10 Gigabytes, unlimited EU calls for 24.95 euro. That’s pretty good deal compared to prices here in Greece.

    • Does the company have a roaming fair use policy? Many will either put extra use restrictions or tarrifs on accounts that are always used outside of the home country. Some close accounts.

      • As long as I’m in the EU no extra restrictions or tarrifs. I also visit Spain two times a year. I’ve been with this company since 2018 and my price has not increased.