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Greece’s top court rules “compulsory vaccination for professional groups is constitutional”

Greece’s top court the Council of State ruled on Friday that the mandatory vaccination for health workers and rescuers of EMAK at the Fire Service is constitutional and in accordance to supra-legislative provisions. Furthermore, it rule that also the suspension from work for the unvaccinated staff and thus without pay was also conform with the Constitution.

Regarding the vaccination against Covid-19 for medical and nursing staff, the Council said that it was considered vaccination is a constitutional obligation to demonstrate social solidarity.

The Plenary Session of the Council of State on Friday rejected all requests for annulment of relevant ministerial decisions for the mandatory vaccination of employees, such as the firefighters, doctors, nurses, Emergency Response Ambulance Service (EKAV), National Federation of Public Hospital Staff (POEDIN), and others.

However, the CoS did not deal with the issue of the mandatory vaccination of all citizens in Greece aged 60 years old and over.

The “age criterion” is an issue that certainly has to be dealt with separately. End of October, Health Minister Thanos PLevris had said that such a criterion was against the Constitution.

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One comment

  1. so, one batch of government officials are saying that what another batch of government officials want to do is okay. doesn’t that strike anyone as just a bit dodgy?
    if we at least had a real constitutional court, and a constitution that was clear and explicit about basic enumerated powers and basic human rights, well, then , hah, maybe we might actually have something other than a dictatorship.