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Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz detained in Athens “despite cancellation of arrest warrant”

Israeli minerals and diamonds billionaire Beny Steinmetz is being detained at the Athens airport several days after he was arrested in Greece on an Interpol international arrest warrant on the request of Romania. However, Greek and Israeli media report that the a warrant was cancelled.Steinmetz reportedly arrived in Athens on November 24 with a private flight. Checking his papers, authorities found the arrest warrant on the relevant data base and arrested him.According to Greek TV channels, Steinmetz has dual nationality, Israeli and French.

The businessman was convicted by the Romanian Supreme Court on December 18, 2020 over fraudulent land deals and the warrant was issued to enforce the five year prison sentence.

However, Interpol’s supervisory committee (CCF) said on October 29 that the warrant against Steinmetz be erased as it was “politically motivated.” Greek authorities had not updated their records, notes daily kathimerini.

Israeli business news website Globes also notes that “Steinmentz was detained, even though the order for his detention was cancelled in all European countries, before his flight to Greece. Steinmetz is being allowed to move freely around Greece but is being prevented from leaving the country, until the matter is clarified.”

Sources familiar with the decision claim that the detention in Greece is the result of a serious breakdown in removing the notice from border controls in Europe, the Globes adds.

Quoting Steinmetz’s legal representative Adv. Eitan Maoz the website writes: “I can confirm that Mr. Steinmetz was detained at Athens airport due to a serious breakdown in transferring data about the removal of Interpol’s red notice. We are handling this matter and hope that Mr. Steinmetz will return home and to his business quickly.”
Steinmetz reportedly for two days in the airport’s detention cells before being led before a prosecutor. Steinmetz was released but he will have to remain in the country until his case is clarified.

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  1. Greek inefficiency when it comes to keeping records updated.
    Same applies with the Covid situation in general. Covid recovery system has a 30 delay, meanwhile free months reduced from 6 to 3!!! By the time 30 days has passed they will change it to 2 !!!