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Congress passes US-Greece Defense Act opening way for F-35 purchase

The US Congress passed the US-Greece Defense and Inter-parliamentary Partnership Act opening the way for the purchase of F-35 fighter jests in the future by Greece. The move was welcomed by Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Greek Foreign Ministry.

NDAA 2022 hightlights via ERT correspondent in Washington Lena Argyri

– The US should, as appropriate, support the sale of F-35 aircraft to Greece.

= Greece is pillar of stability in the EastMed and the US should remain committed to supporting its security and prosperity.

– The US should increase and deepen efforts to partner with and support the modernization of the Greek military.

– It is the sense of Congress that the President has the authority to expedite delivery of any future F-35 aircraft to Greece once Greece is prepared to move forward with such a a purchase on such terms and conditions as the President may require.

– The naval partnerships with Greece at Souda Bay and Alexandroupolis are mutually beneficial to the national security of the United States and Greece.”

The Greek foreign Ministry tweeted:

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  1. Die Griechen haben viel Geld für Waffen.

  2. hey, no money for citizens in poverty, but billions to blow on fancy (and useless) toys from arms companies!

  3. Do you really think that America is really worried about the security of Greece? Don’t be so naive! The USA won’t do anything without benefit for itself. It’s very foolish to think that the United States will support Greece in the event of a military conflict with Turkey, which is the main threat to our peaceful life. It’s time to leave this childish naivety in the past! The harsh reality suggests that our American partners always think only about their strategic and economic benefits. This is a brilliant plan for them-to turn our territory into a warehouse of their military equipment and make money on this! Unfortunately we have fallen into this trap. At the same time, we have no legal guarantees regarding the protection Greece from Turkey!

  4. Sit boy, be a good vassal state and buy our overpriced flying bricks which can be switched off whenever we want with the backdoor switch.
    Added advantage for Russia though: Turkey was blocked from buying them because they also bought the Russian made S400 and the US feared they could use that to see how the F-35’s stealth capabilities are. So Greece -when it buys the F-35- can expect more Turkish air incursions to lure the F-35 out so they can test the S400 capabilities to spot them and relay that to Moscow (I think the S400 in Turkey are also operated by Russians at this moment). The US btw. hardly ever reprimands Turkey for intruding Greece’s airspace so so much for mutual defense. They can’t go against another NATO member that Turkey is.